[Feature Request] optionally disable the Climb! notification in ELEMNT

Please add a preference setting to make the CLIMB! notifications optional. I do all my outside riding in zone 2 and don’t care if it’s a climb or not, I’m just going to keep my eyes on my heartrate. No worries if the default is to show the CLIMB! popup, just give us an option to disable it please. Cheers.

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Pretty sure you can disable it in the CA

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You can do this in ELEMNT companion app. There are 3 options, off, large climbs only, all climbs.

I also got annoyed with the constant notifications of tiny climbs so turned mine to large climbs only, but I only ride local roads so turnedit off completely. Battery life is significantly better with it turned off.


Thanks folks - I somehow didn’t spot it in the companion app before, but have disabled it now. feature request: done! :wink:

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I wish i had spotted it in the app. I have just completed the Raid Pyrennees (write up to come) and afer 2 days i really did not want to see was the gradient was or how long it was going to take me to ride up the Tourmalet etc. I wasnt always quiick enough to jab DISMISS either …

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Any way you’re able to be more specific? I’ve been looking for this on the menu for 20 minutes and cannot seem to locate this feature to be disabled. I feel so dumb, but it drives me nuts every time I ride. Like, I can see the hill, I don’t need a notification to pop up, make a noise, and distract me.

Turn on your ELEMNT device open the app on your phone and check that it’s paired, got to the settings tab and scroll down to summit segments

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Thank you! I also reached out to Wahoo support directly and it turns out I needed to uninstall and reinstall the ELEMNT app. The Summit Segments section wasn’t showing for me for some reason even though it said the app was up to date. Super weird; but thank you!