Wahoo App - Multiple issues after updating

I assume this is the support forum.

Ok, since updating the android app the new interface is terrible.

  1. How do you remove what’s new - community and events - popular workouts? I can’t see an option to remove it in the settings. I don’t want to see this clutter on my home screen and am not interested in any of it.

  2. I don’t get the option for hiking, ok I thought, I’ll just choose walking but now it isn’t recording my elevation changes. I can’t see an option to enable elevation but GPS is enabled. I have literally hundreds of historical workouts back to 2020 and they all have elevation information.

Also when I tried to login I had to create a new account as apparently my old one with the same email address as this new one had disappeared/was deleted?

Is there any way to regress back to the old app?


Welcome, this is a user discussion forum for the Wahoo SYSTM X training app.

You can contact support through the Wahoo website
Submit a request – Wahoo Fitness Support

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Hey @B451, welcome to the forums. I moved your thread out of the SYSTM software thread and just left it as “Uncategorized” as SYSTM is a different app altogether (one I’d very highly recommend by the way. SYSTM is primarily cycling centric, and, imho, there is NOTHING else like it on the market). The forum is for Wahoo X (so, just SYSTM now that RGT has been abandoned :frowning: ) But lots of folks on here also use The Company products and, in turn, the Wahoo App, like you.

As for the Wahoo App, I’m fairly new to using that one myself for workouts and I used to just use it to check and update wahoo product firmware and do spindown calibrations on my old Kickr '18. When I did non-cycling workouts (mainly running or walking) I used to use Strava.

As to your comments on removing community events etc, the app is pretty bare bones and the the few things you’ll want to do on it, are immediately accessible right at the top. That is, Record a workout, or Manage your sensors. I just ignore all the extra stuff personally.

I also thought it was odd that there was no elevation recorded (there are literally NO HILLS where I live and I’ve got to drive over 3 hours to get to one…and even that is a valley :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: )

So, like @JGreengrass suggests, def contact support if Elevation was something in the old Wahoo Fitness App but isn’t in the new one. Hope to see it return, and sooner than later. Also hope to see audio announcements return (it’s the one thing I liked about Strava’s app and as I understand it, it was in the old Wahoo Fitness App).

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I’m finding the updated app is missing features as well. I thought you could customized what data you saw on your screen. Was this the case or am I dreaming. I only want power, speed, cadence and HR. Duration, calories and distance could be on another screen.

Is it possible you’re confusing the Wahoo App with the Companion App?

The companion app allows you to select fields to view on your head unit as well as have multiple customized pages.

Edit: the SYSTM app when doing cycling workouts can be adjusted to show different things like you said.

Edit 2: this speaks to the issue of the company having several apps some which overlap. Wahoo App, Companion App, SYSTM App

In the Wahoo ELMNT CA app you can change the fields that show on your ELMNT on each page and for each zoom level.

But in the Wahoo app it doesn’t look like you can change the fields showing in each page on your phone. You can still swipe to the left/right to see stats on different pages. But I don’t see how to modify what’s showing on each page. If you can, then I’m not sure how.