[Feature Request] Use start time of a workout to mark it in the calendar

If you start a workout briefly before midnight so that it continues into the next day, the original workout will be marked as incomplete and a new duplicate entry will be created on the following day.

I think the expected behaviour would be to mark the original workout as completed without duplicating it, i.e use the start time of a workout to place it in the calendar.



I see it the same way and also created a feature request some time ago for the same thing. It would also be in line with RGT, Wahoo Fitness App, Elemnt App, Strava, Intervals ICU, Elevate and all the other programs!
I regularly do my workouts over midnight so this is quite annoying if I want to find out on which day I really did a workout. Also this way the workouts from two days get bunched up quite often.

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You should consider changing your profile pic to a night owl

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