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Hey there, this is a feature request to make the Wahoo Systm Calendar better for scheduling workouts. Currently the only way to add activities to the calendar is either:

  1. Adding a complete training plan or…
  2. Visiting the workout library, finding a workout, then adding to the calendar.

I would like to suggest being able to add individual activities directly from the calendar screen (and I’m not sure why this hasn’t been done yet) by clicking on a " + " icon on the calendar day and selecting “Add workout,” “Add rest day,” or “Add note.”

When you select “Add workout” a sub-screen or side screen pops up so one may select a workout to add to that individual day.

When you select “Add rest day.” A blank workout is added which creates a placeholder for a scheduled rest day."

When you select “Add Note” a text screen pops up and a 150-200 character note could be added which would populate on the calendar when saved. (ie “Wedding Day,” “Son’s Birthday,” “Traveling to Antarctica,” etc)

This would be greatly helpful and make the Wahoo Systm app a much better program for universal training!

PS BONUS FEATURE REQUEST: It would be nice to be able to “push” our training calendar to Google, Outlook, or Apple calendars.


Sounds like a Training Peaks feature that is sorely needed!


Calendar improvements are probably way down on the priority list.
I would image RGT improvements are of much higher value for their limited resources.


Well then another helpful thing Wahoo could do, if they don’t want to add calendar functionality, is to provide Wahoo Systm workouts in Training Peaks and/or a “push to Training Peaks” feature so we could populate our training plans there and edit as needed.

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Again, assuming they had the technical bandwidth to try this, it would not work. In the workout builder, you cannot specify HR ranges, power targets, and RPE for a workout interval.

I believe you’re not tracking with me, Heretic. I paid for a $130 wahoo coaching session last fall and my coach created a custom 12-wk training plan on Training Peaks complete with Systm workouts and descriptions. See the attached screenshot.

Yes, I originally would say “push workouts to a calendar app” like TrainerDay does with Google, Outlook, and ical. But if they don’t want to dedicate any resources to that then…

my ultimate question is why can’t we have a full list of workouts so we could do the same for ourselves as we plan our own custom training plan?

That has nothing to do with Systm pushing custom HR ranges, power targets, or RPE to Training Peaks. It’s something that Wahoo has ALREADY DONE but it has not been made available to the public. Only to the coaches.

Yes, we ought to have a way to push the training schedule to a calendar we can actually use like a calendar. That’s what I’m asking for and I feel if Wahoo doesn’t want to increase functionality of their calendar, at least we’ll be able to leverage another company’s calendar to use their workouts if they make their library available in that company’s program.

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I TOTALLY agree that it would be fantastic to be able to push SYSTM events to Google Calendar, Outlook, or Apple. It would make USING SYSTM easier. Whatever makes using it easier lends itself to more people being satisfied with it, and probably more people willing to try it or use it. We are ALL needing technology to work FOR us, WITH us. The more something creates additional trouble for us, the more likely we are to look for an alternative.


How would a third-party calendar make SYSTM easier to use? Unless the event in the calendar could embed information to open SYSTM to the named workout when the event was activated in the calendar?

I feel I’m the odd one out here in that I don’t want calendar integration :man_shrugging:

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If Wahoo doesn’t want to improve their calendar to include the ability for us to add notes, individual workouts, time off, etc then Wahoo is conceding Systm to be just a training library. One which I’m still going to pay for and use because TrainerRoad’s bars and graphs wornouts are super boring… but I’m going to have to use another program to schedule my training.

If that’s the solution Wahoo wants us yo use, then why not make it easier for us?

Enabling us to be able to push our Wahoo workouts to a different calendar app enables us to use that library within our schedule which in turn makes using Wahoo easier, more accessible, and more appealing for what we presume Wahoo wants Systm to be: “just a training library of awesome workouts but not a training planner.”

However, should Wahoo wish for Systm to be more than a training library they need to make their calendar more functional and stop recommending individuals to sign up for Training Peaks when they pay for the coaching service (in the email you get after signing up for coaching Wahoo instructs you to signup for Training Peaks and connect it to your Systm account).

If you don’t want an improved calendar, workout sharing to a different calendar application, or calendar integration with another training program then you don’t need to use it. :wink:


I’m in absolute agreement here! Either BE the useful calendar, or WORK WITH our other useful calendars. I’d vote for the SECOND because I already have a fantastically useful calendar app that holds my LIFE in it and just flat works! (Calengoo app) It works WITH Google Calendar but as far BETTER than Google Calendar.
I’m not even a PLANNER when it comes to cycling, but I would STILL love it if the SYSTM rides data I’ve already done, as well as those few times I actually would put in planned future rides, would easily sync their data to my life planning calendar. (Which it would do just by syncing to Google Calendar because Calengoo does exactly that.)


I’m not necessarily looking to make SYSTM easier to USE, but having access to SYSTM data, be it rides I HAVE done, or rides I may plan to do by putting on a calendar, would all be transferrable to the calendar I use all the time to look back as well as forward.
As it is, I have to create all those rides as events in my calendar and add enough data to make the record useful to me.
I wouldn’t need or want it to open SYSTM, in my case, and not sure why that would be needed? The events, whether already ridden, or planned within SYSTM, would be there as soon as one opened the app to ride.

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You literally wrote it would make using SYSTM easier. I quoted you and now you change to say

So I’m a bit confused.

It isn’t needed. That was a suggestion of mine while trying to think why calendar integration would make SYSTM “easier to use”.

It doesn’t matter. Some people want more calendar features - and that’s fine - but I don’t. Hopefully, that’s also fine.

Anything that reduces the Time to Suffer click count works for me


Because if there’s more integration, then SYSTM as an ecosystem becomes an app that’s more integrated. So therefore I will enjoy using the platform more as it integrates with my life more. Which simplifies down to SYSTM being easier to use (in my language)


@Joshua Search for Sufferfest plans in TP. Many of the current plans are there but with some updates to include new videos or the Inspiration videos. I ended up creating a workout library by just saving workouts and then dragging to the TP calendar. It adds work and you end up syncing calendars each week but it does address the issue somewhat.

Another workaround I use when I have several during a plan is to add my 12 week race plan in SYSTM and then go into the race and use the add to calendar feature to add additional races.

I think eventually the calendar will improve but for now I think they are focused on launching the new workout player at some point.

@Heretic My impression is that there are separate development teams for RGT and SYSTM but I think the SYSTM focus right now is on an updated workout player as per prior comments in the forum.


@Joshua Post workout notes can be added. Also you can add individual workouts from the library or from the workout if you are looking to duplicate. Would really like to see overall functionality improve and I like your ideas.

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My guess about RGT improvements is based on my understanding of the marketplace.

The real competition in the marketplace is over the best “real-world” riding, not the best workouts. That is where the real opportunities will be. Hence, the purchase of RGT, and the need to make it competitive with the other market offerings.

You’ve totally got me there. Sorry. I understand your confusion.
I didn’t express myself well when I said easier. I should have said something like “more friendly.” I think being able to link workout data to other platforms is just common sense, thus the ease having Garmin devices do the data logging work but outputting straight to Strava to save me exporting, saving, and importing every last workout or ride or whatever.

You’re right again. And a good suggestion it was, for those who want that. I’m fine with the app doing that for those that want it.

Certainly fine that you don’t want more features.
If the features were AVAILABLE, however, I suspect MANY would use them. And that’s fine too!
Like SYSTM already does and Garmin does and other platforms do, you get to choose to use the feature to link to other platforms IF YOU WANT TO. That’s all I think is being requested.


Any more details available on what the planned updates to the workout player are?

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