Marking workouts as done

When using the calendar, and I mark a running or swimming workout as done (doing a triathlon plan) the time or workout is not added to my weekly summary?

Is there anoher way to mark a non-platform workout (swim for example) as done and the time included in summary?


Hi @Greg_Starr and welcome. That’s a feature of the calendar, activities outside of the app always occur in zero time, nothing more you can do. The minions are aware that this is an issue for some so hopefully we’ll see a change in the not too distant future.

Thank you Sir @JamesT , was wondering if I was doing something wrong. Searched here for a topic on it but couldn’t find…

Not a big issue, as the workout turns green, so it’s easy to see what I have and haven’t done… Perhaps being able to pull this information from Strava API might work, but I’m sure the minions know what they’re at…
Thanks again