How to suspend plan, or reschedule all workouts?

How do I reschedule everything 3 days into the future? Seems like I have to reschedule each workout individually. That is painful. I should be able pause for three days and/or change the end date? Merry Christmas! I don’t want to train during Christmas!

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There is a better (still imperfect way).

  1. Note what plan you’re on and the end date.

  2. DELETE the plan.

  3. Setup a new plan, same as the old one, with a new end date xx days after the original one.

All your completed workouts will be undisturbed. Everything else will be shifted out xx days.


You can absolutely pause for three days - just don’t do the workouts scheduled for those three days. That’s what the coaches advise anyway.

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Assuming I setup the new plan with the same settings as the original plan, will following your suggestion keep all the same future workouts that are currently on the schedule? Just shift everything forward to a new end date?

It has for me.

If you want to reduce risk, delete the old plan at the end. It might be a bit confusing to figure out which the old one is, but it will allow you to compare the two first.

That worked! Thanks!
My two long workout days were falling on Monday and Tuesday. These are my busy mornings with my work schedule. My long days now fall on Wed/Thur.

Still hoping Wahoo adds the ability to shift plan.


Glad to hear it. Enjoy your suffering!