[Feature Request] Set Workout Date to start instead of finish Date/Time

Hi everyone reading/interested in this Topic,

currently the workout date is apparently set after the finish Time/Date. Why is that? Is there a benefit I am missing?

Since I am doing most of my workouts when my little girls (and wife) are tucked away I start after 10 pm.
Because of this my workouts often end after Midnight and are listed in the calendar on the next day. This way it is very hard to know on which day I really did a workout. I often have two workouts listed on the same day but in “my reality” it was on two different days.

Strava saves workouts to the day of the start Date/Time which I find way more intuitive and well-arranged.

Is there a possibilityto achieve this in Sufferfest or would it be considered a desirable change request to do so?

Thanks in advance,

Since I’m new to Sufferfest I now read about the Tour of Suffering 2021 for the first time.
The following Point makes the question even more important:

  • Ride the video(s) for each stage of the Tour on the day specified in the (dis)comfort of your own home.

Does this mean I have to finish each ride before Midnight on the specified day? That would make participation way harder.

There is a 50 hour (overlapping) window for each stage because they can be ridden when it’s that “day” anywhere in the world.

I don’t know where you are, but hopefully your window will extend far enough past midnight that it isn’t an issue for you. In the UK (where I am), I think it’s roughly midday the day before until midday the day after.

No matter what option you take, don’t forget three very important things:


Do I have to do them on the exact dates?

You actually have a 50 hour window in which to do each stage thanks to the wonder of a round planet and multiple time zones. To feel part of the Tour experience, we strongly encourage you to ride the stage during that window.

Thanks a lot @JohnK,
I did not find the time to finish reading the Information about the Tour since it is quite extensive and stopped at the different options. Still have to choose one and think it’s best to get to know and probably ride some Routes first to make an informed decision.

I’m located only 1 timezone away from you in Austria. With the 50-hour window it should be easily possible.

That only leaves my initial problem :+1:

I usually do my training mid afternoon so I hadn’t noticed the date issue you’re having but I can understand why it’s annoying.

I only have 2 months experience of Sufferfest so it’s all still pretty new to me but I’m really looking forward to ToS. I’ve signed up to the intermediate prep plan. I know that some weeks that will be too much but rather than go for the beginner plan my intention is to deliberately miss the odd session from the intermediate schedule.

My plan for the tour itself is to ride some days at 100% days at some at reduced levels - I’ll make a better decision once the parcour is announced and also during the tour depending on how I’m feeling. For me this is meant to be “spring training” not “destroy myself by hitting 100% at all costs”!