Feature Requests Roam v1

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, but I’m a newbie and haven’t really found my way round this great site! I have a Roam v1 and a Garmin Varia 510. Love them both. But the following would improve that experience significantly for me:
-ability to show Varia battery level on the Roam - like my phone’s level - and not just the Low Battery warning!
-ANT+ Light support (I think?) so I could change the flashing / steady / off light options, as well as have the light off and still have the radar features active, and have it set to steady until a car is detected and then flash - my cycling companions who have Garmin head units seem to be able to do all of this!

  • As I found suggested by others on here - the ability to have the green left bar off until a vehicle is detected and then it turns on / appears