[Feature Request] Black radar strip

TL;DR - remove the radar strip black when no car around.

I never ride my road bike without my radar, it is a must-have IMO.
But I often ride on roads with no cars. Still there is the green bar constantly on left on the screen. I am confusing it with the LEDs that are very close.
It would be nice to either remove it altogether or at least change the background color to transparent when it hasn’t detected a car for over a second.
With the background color of the HR, Power, Grade fields, the colors of the elevation profile, and the colorful LEDs just next to that bar, it is color overload. And since this green is much more visible than the LEDs in direct sunlight, I mistakenly take it for the power zones that the LEDs show, leading me to believe I’m in the green zone when I am far from it.

I know I can move the bar to the right, but since the cars pass me on the left, I think it makes more sense to be on the left. Just not visible all the time when there is no car - like the other vendors do it

Interesting idea but if it happens I hope it’s an option. If the green strip disappeared I would think my radar had failed for some reason and feel the need to check it was still working!

I also normally ride on roads with very few cars but I like to see the green strip to know all is well with the Varia. I usually ride with the map screen plus four data fields at the top (speed, 3 second power as a % of FTP, grade and cadence) HR zone on the left hand LEDs.

I agree that the Varia (or similar) is an essential accessory :slight_smile:

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I totally agree that there should be a visible sign that the radar is connected. By having the strip there, just being transparent (background color) or gray, is enough indication that the Varia is connected. I just think that green is too much.
Another option is to have an icon hanging around, in the corner - similar to the other vendor

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As long as I can see the Varia is still working I’d be happy with whatever! Personally I don’t find the green strip bothersome but I’m using a Roam V1 so maybe your screen is more colourful than mine.

I’m in the UK so cars pass on the right. I have the strip on the left - I did try the strip on the right but somehow found it more awkward to see - maybe to do with reading left to right so my eyes are used to scanning from the left hand side?

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