Back to train after summer and injury

I’ve just renewed my subscription after about a year away to ride outside and subsequently crashing sustaining a shoulder and knee injury. Been slowly getting back in action and currently doing physical therapy for meniscus tear(10 weeks post surgery). I want to start with the 6 week back to fitness but am concerned that using my old 4DP numbers will be a little much. I was sorry to see the old Sufferfest go away, but the new app looks pretty sweet, hopefully the laser goats are still in there somewhere


@Skfinch Don’t worry - all of the Sufferfest videos are still there including Full Frontal. Yes - definitely retest. Try the Half Monty first to get your FTP and MAP and then sign up for the Full Frontal prep week.

Been there, right there with you. Might I suggest that, rather than retest, you manually adjust your numbers down as you work through your therapy? Dial in a low % and just boost the #'s as you’re feeling better and/or stronger, until your back to full capacity and cleared by a doc.

Seems to me like testing at this point is unnecessary stress to your body when you’re trying to recover.

I hear you, been there myself, hit & run. Can I suggest just spend the next 4-6 weeks just riding your bike as often as you can? Don’t get worked up about numbers. Need to get your body, and mindset comfortable again riding. Make it become a habit, as in time, repeating habits become norms. Best of luck.


My thoughts echo those of @CPT_A and @drustan: Take your time and focus on your recovery and rehab from injury first and foremost. That takes a good amount of effort on its own.

FWIW I’m now 10 weeks post shoulder surgery, started limited strength/ core work at 2w post-op, on the trainer at 4w post-op (couldn’t reach the bars with my right hand then) and just rode Recovery rides for 2 weeks. Then did Base Block with my FTP manually dialed down 10%. Did HM today (felt good, numbers up from my predicted ones) and feel I’ll probably be ready for more intense workouts in a few more weeks time. FF maybe in 4-5w. Regardless of just Z1/ 2 work I’m definitely getting fitter again (despite missing the high intensity stuff).

As a side note, with the launch of SYSTM there are loads of new Inspiration videos that target Z1 and Z2 - I’ve been “racing” through them. Might work for you.

Thanks everyone. I started all purpose road with strength and yoga. Did 100% for recharger and cadence builds from old numbers. The Chores were yesterday, barely made it thru the first set of intervals sir dialed down to 80% and was able to finish. So far knee feels great!

Just an update. Knee had been feeling great until I did standing starts and another low cadence high power workout, now it’s sore as heck. Shovel was on the plan for today but I think I’m going to substitute an easy outdoor ride and the rest of this week is recovery then half Monty next weekend.

yup, that’ll do it. Motrin is (y)our friend.

(seriously, low-grade, 200mg or less NSAID daily for a couple weeks to lessen inflammation).

My knees send their regards. :grimacing:

Man, I’ve been on 500 mg naproxen since my early 30’s(55 now). The struggle is real!

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@Skfinch birds of a feather…