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Post-TOS FF today. Big gains to sprint and five minute power, small gain to FTP. Hit one minute effort too hard and totally fell apart, big drop compared to last. Considering I know what I did wrong, should I just set my AC to the previous values? Or did it throw off other elements of the FF and require a redo?

The AC effort is not just a measure of 1 minute power, it is also a measure of how well you recover from repeated efforts. Based on what you said, it is unclear to what level you should reset your AC or if you should reset it at all.


I don’t think it will throw off the NM, FTP, and MAP results. These are based on your power averages for those intervals. Unless you got a message that one of those numbers has been adjusted, then they should all be good.

I think you probably can reset your AC number to its previous value. You’ll find out in some future workouts if it’s set to an inappropriate value.

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I’d leave them as per the test, run the next workout plan for a couple of weeks and then you’ll know if your cruising or not.

If it’s easy, pop the values up, if not carry on and Half Monty when required and FF at the end of the plan.

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It doesn’t affect the other three aspects of the test sir - so that’s all good.

With respect to going forward, if you (for example) got through 30s of the minute and stoped then I’d simply manually set AC to a number you think is appropriate- like the last number. It is basically your call

After all - the numbers are only there to enable good training and if the AC is silly low for whatever reason, then your training (when AC efforts are there) will not be optimal.

The other thing it affects, but I never consider this a big deal, is it means your rider type will be focussed on one of the other three metrics.
(So if you have a standout NM, AC, MAP or FTP you get a rider type based on that).
That in turn sets up training plans slightly differently to focus on different aspects.


@Matthew_Girard Great work on the ToS. As mentioned by others the 1 min gives information on your AC AND repeatability and will therefore affect your rider type. But this is built into the equation. If you fell apart in the 1 min there is a reason. Going forward, I would keep your rider type as what it gave you and split the difference between your previous 1 min and this one. If it is really off (because you literally stopped at 30 seconds ) then I would edge your current AC up a bit but definitely keep it below the old one (75% of old). As in, if you could have hit the old number, you would have. Go for it on the next FF!


Thank you all for the advice. I am going to going with my AC numbers from 10 weeks ago and see how that goes. I basically pedaled for 20 seconds and then stopped. I went WAY too hard in that time like it was one of the early sprints. I’ll blame it on the fact it is only my second FF and pace it better after I finish the Volcano Climbing plan.

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I guess Matthew had his answer, but I will just continue with another queation under this thread instead of starting a new similar one.

I was wondering if FF processing accounts for short signal failures/powerdrops/-surges so that technical problems out of a rider’s control will not affect the results (apart from the obvious distraction, excess power needed to overcome, and loss of rythm in the test).

Experienced a signal failure(?) with subsequent power surge both on my 5 min (peak 680 W) and 20 min (peak 1011 W) when I did my last FF, and observe that the displayed FF result differ slightly from numbers I extract from Strava.

Hi @Matthew_Girard.
I moved this topic into the Training category.

It does (for short dropouts anyway, not sure about spikes) but the “accounting” is not reflected in the power data sent to the third party sites hence the difference that you may see.


Thanks @JamesT, that was kind of what I thought could be the case.