Adjusting FF results

I just completed my FF workout. Overall my numbers are up except my sprint. I didn’t get on top of the gear; I dropped 100 watts. My AC is up but not as high as my best 1 minute effort in the last few months. them ?

For reference my 5 minute was 308 and my 1 minute was 374. I’ve got 435 for my 1 minute. My FTP tested at 249. Mathematically my AC make sense based on Hunter Allen’s AC zones of 121-150% of FTP.

Should I adjust my AC and NM manually or just leave them.

I would be careful with adjusting your AC to your best one minute power because remember, there’s a reason why it comes at the end of the test: it’s not really meant to reflect your “true” one minute power but rather is a way of setting targets for repeatable (key word) efforts during hard workouts. Your one min PB may not be repeatable.

I would try the workouts with the tested value anf see what happens first


I agree about not adjusting the AC
You can always redo just the sprints in FF to get an accurate new NM power