Separate test for NM and AC power?

The Half Monty test is useful in measuring FTP and MAP. I am one of those who gets a higher set of numbers from it vs Full Frontal results. I seem to be ok with these higher numbers when riding. Perhaps this suggests that I’ve struggled with pacing the efforts in FF.

Is there any sense in considering a separate test to measure NM and AC power? By the time I get to the 1 minute effort in FF, I’m not convinced I have enough in the tank to give it my best shot. A separate test for these parameters would be useful if such a thing could be constructed.

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The AC power test in FF is not just a test of your one minute power, it is also a test of your ability to recover from repeated efforts. It is located there for a definite reason.


What @Heretic said. As for the NM you could just do FF and stop after the first 2 efforts.

And miss all the fun? :smile:


I understand why the AC test is placed where it is but wonder how accurate a result you get if you have already burnt your matches sometime earlier in the test?

Currently, you can measure your NM and AC only by doing FF. would a separate test for these without doing FF not be useful?

I think it’s important to realize that AC (as defined by 4DP) is not the same as your maximum 1 minute power.

You need to have burnt matches to get a true AC value, as it is also a measurement of your ability to recover from aerobic periods.

Measuring your 1 minute best may be interesting for those that like to monitor stats like that but it isn’t part of 4DP.

As I understood it.


Exactly that :point_up:t2:

The point of where the AC test is placed is that you will of burned some of your matches. If you like you can think of it as a test of your one minute power and how many matches you have.

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NM can easily be measured outside of FF, but not AC. As others have stated you can easily measure your best 1 min power, but that is going to give a much higher number than your AC as defined in the 4DP metric.

By definition your 4DP AC number is your best 1 min power after suffering all the other pain immediately beforehand! I can’t think of how you could simulate that pre-suffering in a shorter test.

At best maybe you could perhaps factor in a percentage of your fresh 1 min power (a bit like classic FTP 20 min tests are multiplied by 0.95 to give an approx FTP). No idea what that factor would be though and how much individual variation there would be.

Like using the last of the AC intervals in The Trick.