HR in workouts

I’m aware this has been discussed before, however I am still wondering why there is no option to have a HR monitor connected while doing strength, yoga etc?

Having HR is fairly fundamental to workout tracking and there still isn’t any ability to track this within the app. I’m having to record via other methods and then delete the Wahoo session. Adding a HR link would make this application far more useful.


Because HR is not an accurate measure of the training stress imparted by strength workouts. I found HRV a much more reliable measure of training load and recovery. My HRV and readiness score measured by the EliteHRV app the morning after a strength or cadence builds workout( that is essentially mostly Z1-Z2 when measured by HR) would by lower than would’ve expected based on the TSS.

@Brett_Kent They need to upgrade the workout player to do that. It is on the roadmap but no idea of timing.

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