First defeat!

Having suffered flawlessly for just over a month I was finally defeated by The Tool Shed (Mash up)! I started to crack midway through the Shovel and finally threw the towel in on the final Hammer. I’m not too disappointed as I knew it was going to be a really tough challenge and it was an evening session so I was a bit past my peak for the day. I still came away with a 0.98 IF for an hour so I’m happy with that :grinning:

Has anyone else got through this workout in one piece with fresh 4DP numbers? I’m determined to beat it next time!!

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Just sitting down now and recovering from the dreaded Tool Shed, and I was dreading it. Although our forums provide great support they can also I believe, have you beaten before the start, when sick buckets etc are mentioned. The mental strength brigade won’t be happy with me I know :relieved:. Having done 9H three times (once fully completed) and the Shovel twice, I knew what to expect. So I missed last min of 8th hammer and last 50 seconds of 9th. To me that is still a victory and now just a easy week and a half till the end of my plan.
Onwards and Upwards.


So at least I’m not the only one! If anything I was a little too complacent when I went into this session, having completed all my previous workouts. But I was mentally beaten going into the Shovel and then it became a matter of “when” rather than “if” I was going to crack. The rising second part of the Shovel was a final blow to my mental state! I still somehow hit all but one of the power/cadence targets on the way out, but then the final Hammer was just a step too far. I managed the first part and then blew up completely! Great challenge though and I will be back with better prep next time.

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I tried last night after the half monty from sunday. It’s what you all say. It’s a brutal one. I manage to get to the start of the second part of the shovel. Afterthat my legs where fried.

Just to clarify something here. You are only defeated by The Tool Shed (or any SUF session) if you don’t start it. The moment you start it, you are winning.


Just wanted to highlight this quote just because it is just so nicely put and what I love about Sufferlandria! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


After months of flawless suffering I too got ‘defeated’ for the first time in the second 20 of hell hath no fury today. I kept saying ‘the Sufferfest science says you can do this’ and ‘focus on the cadence you can do this’, but apparently my legs don’t have ears.

Anyway, still an invaluable learning experience for me, the mental suffering will make me stronger!!

Flogging station 6 I assume?

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Everyone talks about 9 hammers. I usually sail
through the first 6 wondering what all the fuss is about .Then it bites me, it is like getting bitten by fluffy


I find 9 Hammers really hard, but The Shovel is ok. I do fine on Tool Shed right up to the last 2 hammers then things go south quickly!

You can do 5 and 6 !!! Top job !

Last 3 9H had me pausing at hammer 7 each time, and during the final recovery section each time