Tool Shed - Adjusted?

Quick question…has Tool Shed been adjusted down? For the first time I was able to complete at 100% - super challenging but got to the end.

Never been able to complete this one at 100% before but a couple more minutes of the last 2 hammers and it would have been a DNF again!

ON a separate note, I forgot just how good the music is in SUF videos having stuck to Inspiration, Pro Rides and On Location the last few weeks. The tunes were awesome!

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@washsaint I seem to recall that there were no changes to the mash-ups. Congrats on your success!

Cheers @JSampson - comparing stats with other workouts my power numbers are lower right now which might explain the completion! Still very hard work though!


I do believe we made a few adjustments to the mashups. Each section of the mashup should match (or come close to) the targets in it’s singular workout. Afterall, OUR goal for our SYSTM users is success, not failure (it’s ok once in a while, but we were finding too many people failing many of them, leading to these adjustments). Completing the workout at 100%, and still finding it challenging is the perfect intensity level.
Ride on!


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