Tool shed 🤢

Tool shed 2 days after a half Monty!! MAP increased 6% and FTP 2%!! Is it supposed to be impossible to complete if numbers are right. IF came out as 0.98 so very tough. I think I’d just about have completed on numbers prior to Sunday.

I would never say something is impossible. But, especially with fresh numbers, the toolshed comes very close.

Have a look at this thread:


I experienced the same a few months ago after fresh HM numbers. Hammer 9 was a searing painful train wreck and I failed it miserably.

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i made a HM 3 or 4 weeks ago. +11% on my FTP and +14% on my MAP.
I did the tool shed this morning. despite my new numbers are not really fresh, It was juste horrible. I had two take a short break 4 ou 5 times (1min break). At the half of the workout, I lowered the intensity to 90%.
I was juste suffering too much, no fun. The 9 hammers made me the same thing. In my own very personal opinion, those workouts are really too hard, they tend to break my motivation.


This first week after HM has been so tough. Supposed to have kitchen sink today. Swapped out to local hero and bailed before final 4 intervals. Do I push on or dial back down?!


Haha had this workout this morning. Hammer 9 is still miserable.