First Ventilatory Threshold and Fitness

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You know, I just stood by listening to this digital recording about cycling and execution and thought of the accompanying inquiries:

For what reason is the vigorous edge not normally considered while evaluating wellness level/development?
Is this is on the grounds that its worth is certain or straightforwardly dependant on where our wellness level is at some random time (and portrayed by different markers, for example, VO2 max)?
In the event that not, is it imaginable to further develop the high-impact edge alone while FTP, VO2 max or some other pointers stay fixed?
In such case, couldn't we discuss being more productive?
Isn't it attractive to be more effective?
When and how train productivity explicitly?
Is it a decent methodology when our FTP and VO2 max are stuck?
How to gauge oxygen consuming edge?

Sorry assuming I’m rambling. I’m not master by any stretch of the imagination in physiology but rather I’m continuously ready to find out about it.

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Welcome to the forums @zanewiller. I am assuming that English isn’t your first language but it’s the only one I know so if I have misunderstood your post, please take no offence.

From what I can make of your questions, you might want to take a look at this post from the Sports Scientists about using training blocks with particular attention to the section on using a MAP block to train and when. It may address your query concerning what to do when your FTP and V02 max are stuck,

You may also find these blog posts interesting: as well as
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