VLa Max and Wahoo SYSTM

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Could any coach explain if there is any correlation possible between VLa Max and 4DP results ? I am very intersted in the concept of VLa Max and it’s impact on FTP.

As a master athlete (48, 78kg) focused on short time trials (18-25 km) I want to really improve my abilities to go faster next year. After a lot of rowing and running in my young years, I began seriously training with Sufferfest (sorry Wahoo SYSTM) for 2 years with good results.

My 4DP FTP is 292 W (280-300 depending on the period of the year) and my 4DP Vo2Max is 382 W. I think there is a lot of room to improve my FTP because it is only 76 % of Vo2Max.

If I do an INSCYD test, how could I use the result to help choosing the right workous from Wahoo Systm ?

I really love the Systm Workouts and I don’t want to change the plateform.

Many thanks and regards from Switzerland.


@flongchamp Check out this podcast. It covers anaerobic capacity and how it fits into a rider’s overall profile.

The Knowledge: Why you need to know more than just FTP

Hi @JSampson , thank you. I did listen to the podcast some days ago but it doesn’t answer my question.

Based on my uneducated look at the INSCYD test protocols that are out there, it seems like the 4DP is collecting very similar information, though I think there’s an additional interval as part of the INSCYD test (and I don’t think they test for the NM test). You may check coaches offering this protocol - I know some of them offer enhanced services to help you understand the results and pick out workouts (FastTalk Labs, for example). I have to guess that this is not a feature in SYSTM now, but that they are probably developing protocols that would allow for it (and more). Perhaps it will be an additional purchase like the Wahoo custom plans.

I’m not sure you need this information to know what do do however - Since VO2 seems not to be your limiter, I think you want to basically work on blocks of progressive threshold efforts that see you extending your (long) repeated interval times with successively less rest until you breakthrough into a higher continuous 40-60 minute effort. I’m no coach though, just a fanboy.

Hey François,

With time trials of 18-25km being your goal, I think suitable training sessions for you would be ones that focus on working at or above your threshold, and pushing your ability to sustain that for longer. You clearly have a high ceiling (VO2max) and want to be able to work at a higher percentage of that. If you go onto SYSTM and select a plan that focusses on threshold, that should give you a solid plan to build your sustained effort capacity.

In regards to the INSCYD test, I haven’t heard of that one before but will look into it. Looking at this from a similar but slightly different physiological perspective, it looks like you have a high W’ (watts prime/anaerobic capacity/anaerobic battery) but a low CP (critical power/Sustainable power) by comparison. This is something that can be changed and improved, as for time trials CP is going to be the key thing for your races. Again, going for a plan that focuses on threshold should help improve this and improve results in the length of time trials that you are targeting.

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Thank you @Coach.Andy.T, regarding the SYSTM programms for improving my ftp. Is there a difference between ftp and tempo building blocks that should be taken into account when choosing ?

Have you thought about doing the 12 week time trial plan? Or did you want to choose your own training blocks?

@TTDragon I did it already twice and I want to change a bit … I plan to do it in march but during the off season I want something else. The TT plan didn’t help me with the FTP.

Tempo is more for longer durations than the events that you’ll be doing but can help a bit with improving pain threshold for FTP efforts. Going for one of the 12-week plans with the focus being on Threshold could be useful, alternatively we do offer customised plans for if you want something a bit different

You don’t really want to do the same plan back to back. I have a low MAP relative to FTP, after listening to the podcasts I’m taking a couple of weeks off (way over due!) then doing the transition ramp up before All Purpose with strength. I’m hoping this gives me a good foundation before going more TT specific in the spring time. My MAP is low, relative to FTP, so I might add a MAP block before the TT plan. May be something similar could work for you rather than focussing only on those FTP blocks? I found my biggest gain to FTP last year came after the All Purpose Plan, I suspect because it worked more than just my threshold.


This is a very good point. To achieve new adaptations, we need to change the training stimulus and stress or our bodies get used to them and we plateau. For you, working MAP is a great idea for booting that ceiling, then doing more FTP work closer to season and more specific to your goals to bring those numbers up too