Flanders flags. Spot the difference

Spot the difference. One flag from I think Running with The Wolves, the other bought by my girlfriend (now wife) when I had a little soiree amateur racing in Belgium just after I finished University. (I was mediocre at best and was lucky to get a top 20, let alone have sight of the podium.:hot_face:).

When you spot the difference (sorry about picture quality), guess the significance of the difference!

One is on the tv, amd the other is behind you


Colour of the claws. No comment on the significance because then I’d be tempted to start on the “issues” with our heraldic goat… :wink:



what would it take to lead you further into temptation
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The one with the red claws is the normal Flemish flag

The one with black claws is the combat flag (not really official but the one used by those who want more autonomy for Flanders)

You’re not going to see the one with red claws a lot, because most (proud) Flemish will prefer the combat flag


That is pretty much it, although there is much history behind it and where the all black flag comes from and represents. But it is now associated with the right wing and independent Flanders movement. I live in a Flemish (Dutch) speaking area right next to Brussels and they are fiercely Flemish especially due to the influx of French speakers. When I do my road rides around the edges of Flanders, there appears to be a great proportion of those flags. It was great to see the Worlds this year on my doorstep, but it was full of all black flemish flags. I believe they may be propagated by the far right at races to spread their cause. Flemish politics is complicated to say the least.

I came here to suffer, not to learn :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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