How can I be a Whooligan but not a Sufferlandrian?

I absolutely hate the term Whalooligan. Maybe because I am from the UK and hooligan has such a negative image here. It brings in negative memories of football hooliganism which, by the way, resulted in hundreds of people dying. Sufferlandria had a pretty dodgy flag but that has gone. In comparison, the new branding is more offensive in the UK than the previous branding IMHO. I wondered if anyone else felt the same?


I agree that Wahooligan is a far worse term than some of the things removed from Sufferlandria in recent years. But then nobody, unless I’ve missed something, is saying that you have to be a Wahooligan so remain a Sufferlandrian. It’s not like you can ever leave :grinning:


I get what they’re after with Wahooligan but it’s not something I can attach myself to or describe myself as. I love all the Wahoo products I’ve purchased Kickr Snap, Kickr, Climb, Tickr, Tickr2, TickrX, cadence sensor and their customer service has always been Sufferlandrian:). That said, I’m a citizen of Sufferlandria and I can never leave so…


I suppose people who aren’t of a certain generation of Europeans won’t get this, but hooligan is an offensive term. The flag of Sufferlandria was changed because of close resemblance to a flag from the Nazi era. Football hooliganism and the Neo-nazi movement were closely linked. I don’t get the difference.


I’m with you @Chico! I can’t stand the new flag and logo, as well as missing the Sufferlandria theme!

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I’m pretty sure I’ll be in a minority of one here but I find the whole Sufferlandrian thing a bit naff!
Don’t get me wrong, I think Sufferfest as a training system is great but the whole Sufferlandria back story and stuff about goats etc is a load of nonsense.
With regard the Wahooligan thing, it just comes across like something that some marketing bod has dreamt up to try and sell things via social media!

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Oh man…I’ve been away for a while, I had no idea that’s why it was changed. Oops

The Whooligan thing just reminds me of Ken Block and his whole Hoonigan thing. Sufferlandia however reminds me of my times racing and how the videos got me there, and also of the awesome community that was and is still around.

You don’t have to go into the back story and participate, but honestly what David built is really a testament to creativity, how many years are we into now? I’m coming back from being off the bike after how long and am honoured to still be a part of the original tour and be welcomed back with arms open (thanks @Glen.Coutts) - It’s really about having a support system, and being part of a world wide community.

I personally eat up the lore, the new flag is on its way.



I’m not aware that anyone has suggested that using a training platform called SYSTM, which contains all of the Sufferfest workouts, makes anyone a ‘Wahooligan’

This feels like a reason to complain about one thing and link it to another.

By all means, if Wahoo using that term with respect (typically) to their athletes (I think that’s where it was coined as a phrase) is offensive, then tbats a matter for Wahoo and how they’ve badged things - so perhaps contact Wahoo directly with that concern. That happened long before @David.McQuillen.KoS re-developed his platform from Sufferfest to SYSTM)

So - in short I am who I am, as it happens I don’t call myself a sufferlandrian either (but I get it).

But because the name of the platform has changed doesn’t have any bearing in that. Unless us as customers of course create the connection where it didn’t exist, or I’ve missed an announcement (always possible)

Just my tuppence


You can’t welcome back someone who never left, Sir John @Jlopes. Sufferlandria is as much a state of mind as it is a distinct community of people who take their health and fitness seriously but who also know how to NOT take themselves too seriously.

I also eat up the lore. No room in the cave for the new flag but I was gifted a couple of new decals and The Red Baron is quite happy to shoot lasers at all whom he passes.


I do, but mostly amongst other local Sufferlandrians so they get it too. For those that don’t, my wife for example, she asks if I am doing that Suffragette thing :laughing: . From a buddy who got me into cycling in the first place he calls it a variety of things from Sufferama (my favourite), to Suffermania (a close second) as well as Suffertown and Sufferville.


There’s a difference between plump nonsense and a little twisted humor.
Do you like Monty Python?


It literally says Whalooligan on the title page of the website and several other places. It’s not a term I have made up. Don’t get me wrong, the flag had to go. But it seems the lesson wasn’t learned.


WHERE did you get the decal/badge?
Very sneaky, it took me a sec to catch on :skull_and_crossbones:

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These are the new Knighthood decals. I helped a new Knight and he helped an old Knight.


Monty Python?
I’m not a fan mostly but there’s some gems in there.

I’m not sure I’d say the Sufferlandria stuff could be called humour but each to their own, I guess.

Oh yes! I like those ideas! “just off to Sufferville” or " Just got back from Suffertown" sounds great (and to my ears better than I’m a Wahooligan) . I don’t mind the sometimes cheesy/ tongue in cheek /Monty Pythonesque sub-plots to the training sessions. Tried the Z thing - not my cup of tea. Each to his or her own!

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Nice “head tube badge” how can we get one?

Easy. Just takes roughly ten hours of your time. :upside_down_face: - Storming the Castle.


The only way to Honour Glory and Victory is through Pain Misery and Agony. Simply do 10 eligible Sufferfest videos back-to-back with no more than 10 minutes between em and you too can be a Knight of Sufferlandria. The laser goat COA is the new Knight’s decal. I have the OG decal as well since I completed my quest in the Before Times. I was gifted this new one from a new Knight for suffering a minor inconvenience on his behalf.

You can read more about it here. Note the page is missing the link to Approach the Gates but the list is current, ie Norway is no longer eligible.