Fluid trainer responsiveness

I ride using a fluid trainer and find it hard to adapt to sudden slight variations in power/cadence - is that normal for a fluid trainer? Am I missing a trick?
For these micro adjustments I just end up staying in an approx range for the duration - am I training inefficiently?

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I have only very recently progressed on from a basic fluid trainer where I had exactly the same issue. I suspect anything that relies on estimations of power, based on external sensors, is always going to be very difficult to use with small changes in power/cadence.

I like you just tried my best to keep as close as possible to what was required

Now have a new kickr and do not have to think about it.


Same for me. I had the Fluid 2. It requires a bit more preparation to get to the right power targets while balancing the required cadence. If you want to do some math you can calculate power based on your bike’s wheel size and gear configuration. 1st you need the power curve numbers for your trainer (Fluid2 is at Bike Geek’s website) and then go to bikecalcs.com to calculate the rest. I memorized a few power / cadence combinations and it was helpful.


When I used a fluid trainer, I usually focused on either power or cadence. I found it too difficult to stay on target for both when using the fluid trainer so I’d choose one. For FTP and MAP efforts I’d focus more on power, but for AC and NM efforts, I’d watch my cadence more. That system worked very well for me for a long time.

this works well for me. i allow the trainer 5-10 secs to let the power stabilise. but in sessions like team scream it is hard to get the training effect of going through power zones.