Full Frontal effort level


Prepping for post-ToS FF tomorrow. 2nd go since I joined up last Fall. Maybe I’m overthinking (wouldn’t be the first time), but are just supposed to IGNORE the cadence/power targets for FF and just try to pace max effort for each test, or does the SUF software somehow account for this? It seems like there’s no point for the software to be “recommending” power and cadence levels like a regular workout.

I’ve reviewed all of the SUF articles and combed the forum, but still really confused. I’ve seen some people talk about going in and setting the effort targets to 110% (for example) pre-ride, which I guess makes sense.

Don’t know how my brain didn’t mis-fire on this for my first FF…

Appreciate any input!

There are power (based on your current numbers) and cadence guides but really it’s about you performing your best - largely however you achieve that.

If you’ve been following a plan you should have a reasonable idea of what power you can reach (at least for MAP and FTP) and what cadences work well for you.

As @titanicus said, the power targets during FF are based on your previous test. They are definitely not targets you should be aiming for, the idea is to measure your power now, not replicate the results from the previous test. I like seeing my power number on the screen, as it help me with keeping some sort of pacing consistency, but I don’t care if it is above or below the target.

For cadence, ignore the target from the app and spin at whatever cadence works best for you. I find my cadence drifts around a bit during these tests, and if I’m feeling good, it will increase gradually throughout the 5 minute and 20 minute tests.

They show you your previous scores as targets to give you an idea of where your at during the test against your previous scores, I imagine. Cadence targets are just suggestions on the tests. I barely looked at them the second time around.

Well that was…just…awful. And definitely doesn’t help knowing what’s coming. That last minute AC effort is Einstein-level relativity.


Suffering aside, I actually felt like I paced it out really well and got a solid result. Apparently I’m a sprinter now.

Solid gains across the board, though my formerly strong MAP from my first FF felt like it fizzled - though maybe it just evened out? And I sort of felt like I was leaving too much in the tank on the FTP session. Until the last two minutes, and then oy. And yeah, then that AC minute/eternity at the end. The tank was definitely empty!

So I guess training’s going to get hard again now?



@CPT_A Great numbers! Where do you find that graph? I don’t see where it is in the app.

It shows up at the top of my profile on my MBP, so the MacOS version of the app. I don’t see it in iOS on my phone or iPad.

Ah - ok. I usually am on the iPad. Thanks!

Oy. So I’ve figured out that FF is the gift that keeps on giving. Started an “all in” plan today and drew The Holy Week video.

Yup - the fun is over, do not pass go, your Couchlandrian tourist visa has expired. :48 minutes sub-threshold, but with newly-minted numbers from yesterday. The holy water flows anew.


On a side note, now The Holy Week is the sort of “inspiration” video I can get behind. Really well-done production, love the behind-the-scenes. AND MORE PARIS-ROUBAIX!

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Another great thing about The Holy Week video was a reminder of just how few videos I’ve actually completed in the SUFF library. So much good stuff (and pain) still out there to be discovered!