Full Frontal FTP vs TainingPeaks FTP

Did a FF yesterday and improved FTP from 221 to 238 Watts. In TP I got a notification that my FTP improved from 221 to 225 (which is about 95%) of 238. (The original 221 was manually input into TP so identical to the one in The Sufferfest).

Does anyone know if TP defines the FTP simply as "95% of best 20 min effort?

Looking forwrd to your replies


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I think it maybe does tht itself inside TP - I didn’t know that either …

you can now manually update it to 238 in TP as of course the 4DP session is setting a direct 100% of 20 min power gievn the work done prior to that … nicely done !

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Thx Martin, that clarifies it!

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As above, you manually change it to your 4DP result.