Full Frontal - slightly confused


Have been looking for similar topics and found some - and then again not quite.
Came over from Zwift doing a ramp test that gave me a (admittedly measly :smile:) FTP result of 230 which I set as initial value in SYSTM.
Then I did a Half Monty (on a Kickr Core btw), which felt quite a bit too easy - both in terms of the power targets it setup for me and the HR I hit during the excercise. Result for FTP was 198 and the estimated max HR was quite a bit lower than what I actually know it to be.

Now I would like to go for a Full Frontal and get some more accurate results, however, I’m a bit worried I will have the same experience again in terms of having the initial FTP set correctly. should I just roll with 198 I got from the HM or …??

I ride outdoor 3-4 days a week (gravel) 60-80 km per ride and not too interested in doing the prep plan in SYSTM as I unfortunatly only have 24 hours a day to jam life and all that into :yum:

Thx in advance.

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You could do the FF and target your threshold heart rate in the 20min section and see how you far you get…

What do the fora say about the FTP between the two platforms?

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When you say that HM was a bit too easy, did you reach the end of the ramp section? It’s meant to be a ramp to failure not something you can finish.

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Welcome @JanD !

You can ignore any targets in Full Frontal - you are meant to ride to whatever your current abiility is, whereas the targets will be based on your previous test results.

The idea with each of the intervals is that you hold your maximum power for each of the time periods. It’s worth reading through this article prior to doing FF so you have an idea of how to pace each interval: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021387460-How-to-get-your-most-accurate-Full-Frontal-Results

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To build on this: the ramp in Half Monty is based on your MAP, not your FTP. So if you set too low a MAP, the test would be too easy, you’d finish or almost finish the ramp, and your FTP and cTHR estimates would be too low.

A good first time estimate if you already have a sense for your FTP is:
MAP = 1.25 x FTP.


Thanks for your answers.
First of; yes, I did finish the HM ramp and I would say on a RPE of only 8('ish) (on a 1-10 scale).
So obviously something is off there, if I’m not supposed to finish it, but hit ceiling before.

And actually also aldreay read the very good intro to the the test and how to get best results. However, I didn’t get a sence of how my initial settings would affect the test.

Bringing me to the last answer given, with the MAP being basis for the HM. Then it does make a lot of sense that the test would be too low.
I think I will try the HM again and set the MAP according to your advice and see what comes out of it this time :+1:

Again, thanks for your replies :blush:


Let us know how it goes.

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Will do :+1:

Hi @JanD , sounds like you’ve got it sorted. You need to get through at least five steps of the ramp (as it uses five minutes of data to calculate your MAP), and you also need to ‘fail’ at the ramp some time before it ends. Good luck with the retest.

I would suggest starting with 198 and see how that feels. You will get an idea pretty quickly of whether that is too easy or not and then you can increase the pace as you go on so doing a negative split