Half Monty vs Full Frontal FTP differences

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New to the Wahoo Systm/Sufferfest training plans! Have been using Zwift for around a year but thought I’d give the Wahoo trial a go.

I thought it would a good idea to do the Half Monty and Full Frontal tests before starting any of the training plans just to see where I was at performance wise.

On Zwift I only ever done ramp tests (roughly every 6-8 weeks) and my FTP 6 weeks ago was 305 according to this test. I’ve been training pretty hard the last 6 weeks so was expecting some further improvements. I took a few days of recovery before hitting the Half Monty and my FTP came out at 299. Not a considerable drop so I wasnt too bothered. Anyway took another 2 days recovery, did a light ride and then the primers session before doing the Full Frontal.

I saw increases to my 5 sec and 1 min power but my FTP came out at 282. To be honest that test was brutal and after the 5 min effort I felt broken.

I’m wondering where I should set my FTP moving forward. Shall I leave it at 282 or somewhere between my Ramp and Full Frontal result? Would be great to hear your thoughts before I begin a plan as I’m looking to get as much as I can out of this moving forward!

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I’d suggest starting out w the 4DP profile you generated from your FF. Try out a week’s worth of content, see how you feel. FF is very different from a straight ramp test (as you’ve seen), and timing and pacing are as much art as science.


This could be useful reading:


very interesting! thanks for sharing

great, thanks for the advice!

@cirin0 +1 for keeping the 4DP metrics. See where it goes for the 1st week or so. It takes a while to get around the pacing of Full Frontal and we have all been there. Also testing is always going to vary by day - based on stuff like hydration, stress, temp, etc. so numbers aren’t always linear. Best of luck to you!

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Same with me. 210 on zwift and 193 on FF.
I’m keeping the FF ftp for the wahoo plan.

I’m curious, are you changing over to SYSTM? I’ve recently switched over as well.

Not completely, just want to give a shot in structure training. I like how plan is layered out on a calendar. zwift doesn’t provide that however i like the social of it.
I’m running both :joy: kickr controlling on wahoo and power in zwift

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