Fundraising note from Peachy

We’ve all registered for the Tour so you may not know her but she most definitely know you! Peachy (or @Lauren_TeamDPF ) is the DPF program manager but also the fundraising coach at the foundation. She has asked me to share a special message:

There are TWO STAGES LEFT! And now a note from your fundraising coach, Peachy….

We have a fundraising goal (to support the life changing work of the Davis Phinney Foundation to help people with Parkinson’s live well today) of $215,000 and have raised just over $158,000 to date. We need YOU to help us close the gap before Tour end. Will you help us get there? (You know there is something in it for you: prizes, incentives, and a magnanimous dose of honour, glory, and victory of course!). There are 934 of you out there riding The Tour around the globe**. Think of it this way… if every one of you fundraised $61 US more, we’d cross that finish line victorious together. Could we do it by the end of Stage 7? Are you in??**

Log in to grab your link or email me for help.

A couple of quick reminders:

  • Every victory counts. Seriously. And I hope wherever you are, you throw your arms up in victory when you cross the stage 7 finish line. Want to make your finish line more epic? Join us (any by us I mean Davis Phinney, Alex Stieda, and some Foundation staff and Tour participants) on Zoom stage 6 and 7. We are riding together every stage at 9 am Mountain Time.
  • $250 is your first fundraising milestone. Raise this to start earning swag! (a tee and cycling cap)
  • $500 fundraised will get you the sickest (coolest) jersey around – designed by Taylor Phinney, you want this jersey.
  • $1500 fundraised and we’ll send you a Team DPF hoody.


I’m giving away one more light puffy jacket, Davis Phinney (or Alex should something come up) is going to draw the lucky winner and here are two ways you can win it:

  • Donate here by Stage 7 Zoom (9am MT Saturday). Every donor on this page will be entered in the drawing.
  • Join the growing list of podium fundraisers by raising $1500 or more. On the last stage of The Tour, cycling legends Davis and Alex are going to shout out kudos to our Wahooligan Tour podium fundraisers, those who have fundraised $1500 or more.

YOU CAN STILL REACH GREAT HEIGHTS! Send out one more appeal email, put one more note on Facebook, text your uncle and best mate. Join all your friends on the podium already who are getting the tee and cap, the hoody, the jersey, the kudos from cycling legends…. Don’t be left in the lava pits. Get on the podium, my friends! Help people with Parkinson’s live well today!

CHAPEAU, friends! Keep on pedaling! You’re making a difference, and that makes Davis raise his arms in victory.


Oh you need the link one more time? Here you go: 2024 The Wahooligan Tour - Davis Phinney Foundation

PS – Gosh, Wahooligans and Sufferlandrians are neck and neck in fundraising! Too close to call today… It’s too bad it’s not a landslide victory :wink:


I guess it’s a landslide victory now that Chief Executive Hooligan, Chip Hawkins has chucked $10k on the Official Wahooligans Team…

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$500 raised on the drawing page - I think I will have to give away a jersey as well. :slight_smile:

So… my DPF page still shows only $275 in donations. HOWEVER. I have $955 in donations according to Facebook.

I messaged Lauren earlier in the week to ask about this and she acknowledged there was a problem and the DPF page wasn’t currently reflecting FB donations.

So, that means the donation comparisons are not completely accurate, unfortunately (or fortunately?)

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That is a sweet jersey! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



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@Lauren_TeamDPF, it literally just clicked why you’re called “Peachy” :man_facepalming: :older_man: I can’t even blame Tour brain :joy: :rofl: :joy:


Ha ha!! Well done for figuring it out!!


I honestly thought there were 2 Laurens with Team DPF. Seriously!


The other “landslide” part is that 4 Cornerstones Foundation is run by Dave Wichmann’s wife. Dave is the former CEO of UnitedHealth and current CEO of Boston Scientific with an estimated ‘net worth’ of $500 million. It is great that DPF has corporate donors but there is no way that most of us can compete with the sheer dollar amount (let alone that the Facebook fundraising doesn’t get counted in the team or individual fundraising).

just remember that the real winner here is the DPF and all the folks with Parkinson’s it helps. I think it’s great they’ve got corporate donors, personally.

Maybe the corporate donor’s would consider this :wink:


Again, I agree that the corporate donors (who are both DPF sponsors) are great overall for the Foundation. But to use their funding power to make sure the Wahoo team beats the CoS team has been discouraging.


yeh, I hear you. Kind of took some air out of the balloon. No matter how you look at it though, WE ARE KICKING ASS!

That’s not the best way to frame things. The corporate donors didn’t just use their power to ensure the Wahoo team got more donations, the CoS team used your power to provoke a higher donation from corporate than they would have given without you. In a friendly competition, both sides can win.


I feel I’m being dense (wouldn’t be the first time). Maybe you can enlighten the rest of us? It hasn’t clicked for me. More like the woosh of it passing overhead. :smile::crazy_face:


maybe it’s an expression you’re unfamiliar with, Sir? Or, the pronunciation of the last name :slight_smile:

That’s as much hint as you’re getting and it’s already too much!

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Well if corporates are playing keeping up with CoS game, then it’s a very shrewd one. Pony up corporates :slight_smile:


I was first going to reply that your hint actually confused me even more. :upside_down_face:

But then i thought about it while cleaning up from my ride, and just when i thought I was completely stumped i had that “OOOhhhhhh!!!” moment. :rofl::crazy_face::joy:

Must be my silly west coast accent. Dood. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Your highly developed sense came through in the end! :sunglasses:


@Lauren_TeamDPF My DPF page still shows I only raised $825 even tho I did most of my fundraising on FaceBook which shows I have $1,625 raised. Will our DPF pages and team totals be updated to reflect all the Facebook fundraising dollars? I hope all those dollarbucks raised on FB will still at least make their way over to DPF one way or another.