Your First ToS Fundraising Challenge

Hey Sufferlandrians, get your fundraising hats on (yeah, literally).

Sur PhytoPerformance, makers of AltRed, will match donations made BEFORE the start of the Tour up to US$35,000! You can help the Davis Phinney Foundation earn this gift by fundraising or donating on your personal page. All gifts before the start of the Tour count DOUBLE in the prize pool.*

Also, tell the world you’ve got mad fundraising skills with a Team DPF trucker hat (expertly modeled here by yours truly). Raise at least US$400 pre-tour and we will send you one of your own!**

*Pre-tour donations will not be matched directly on your fundraising page but will result in double chances in the pool.
**Be sure to opt in during registration!

Questions? Concerns? Just want to chat? (We are pretty fun). Message @Lauren_TeamDPF and me @Rebecca_TeamDPF, your Team DPF support crew, or email us at!


I do not believe contributions that result in lottery pool entries are deductible for US income taxes. While this may or not apply to everyone, it might be relevant for some individuals. Check with your accountant.