G.O.A.T on a smart trainer does not look like riding in the mountains either

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I suspect to make it work you have to raise the cadence target by 5 or 10 rpm with a fluid dumb trainer like Kurt kinetic. In the end though I suspect that smart trainers really shine on this type of effort. I have read some stuff about them and there is a big compromise no matter which way you go. From what I have read the smart trainer is very reactive and can over or under react depending on your input. I personally am in a jam, my parts for my bike are not comparable with the wahoo kicker as I have campagnolo 9 speed but it is hard to buy bike parts and I have some of the parts to switch but not all of them. I purchased a chunk of a shimano tiagra group, but need a few more pieces like shifters and BB. My 9 speed stuff is really old and used up but this has been my beater trainer bike for over 10 years so the parts mostly are passed their used by date. My shifter hood boots are shot and slide all over the place but even campy 9 speed shifter hoods now are hard to find or stupid expensive.

@Biking57 I don’t know if this is of any use to you but I am successfully using my 9 speed Campag equipped bike on a Kickr Core with a re-spaced Shimano Sora cassette, see:

Don’t know about shipping to the US but Condor have old style lever hood here: