New: Laser Goat T-Shirt and Sufferlandrian Flag

Perhaps no shirt on anyone, anywhere, at any time, strikes as much fear into the hearts of the comfortable. No flag inspires the masses like this one. And now they are finally available. Well, at least in the US and with shipping charges to EU and other countries. We’re working on getting some to our UK warehouse, so stay tuned on that one.

Get them both over here: Cycling Trainers, Running, and Fitness Accessories | Wahoo Fitness


Not shipping to my country for some odd reason (:cry:), so the question is actually irrelevant for me, but there appears not to be a size guide for the t-shirts? Are they Cyclist/European/US fit?


I’ve been trying to order a laser goat base layer from the UK but with no joy. Anyone have a clue as to if this is just me (not unlikely) or if it’s a UK issue?

The website through the Wahoo/SUF link says shop closed with no option to send to the UK anyway. I read somewhere from a post last year it may be Brexit related - but I need that laser goat base layer!

There was a change to the web store link, this is the current one:

But yes, due to Brexit they’re currently not shipping Ng to the UK.


Ok thank you - I’ll stop trying now then.

I’ll not write down what I’m thinking. Might need to go and do FF while I’ve this much energy that needs redirecting lol

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I’ve also just realised that my avatar picture, taken at least a couple of years ago after the GOAT stage of The Tour, must have surely been the inspiration behind this stunning new t-shirt and base layer design.

You’re welcome :wink:

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Not only no UK at the mo but also no women’s fit…

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it’s really comfy!


Not sure if this a region specific issue or not, but that link seems to be currently slightly borked.

Odd, still works for me even though I can’t actually buy anything from it here in the UK…

OK, so not a URL issue, tah - have you already registered ?

Yeah as I ordered a wahoo kit before Brexit when it all worked as normal. So could be the reason I can still at least see it.

Hmmm… now registered and email verified, caches and cookies cleared, VPN off, ad-blockers disabled, different OSes tried - still nothing, no idea what “market” refers to in this context either… Ah well, i’ll just have to wait maybe :slight_smile:
Edit : more and more looks to be region issue, not to worry, pity as could have ordered to ship to US or European office despite being in the UK.

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I’m in the UK and am getting the same “Incorrect Market” message.

I didn’t register or anything the likes, just placed my order and had my shirt delivered 5 days later :biking_man::relaxed:

Yeah, those warehouses in the Netherlands work blazing fast IF you live “close” to them (Klundert, NL → Einhoven, NL → Cities in Germany, I think).

I usually get my stuff within two days of completing the order process. One of the benefits of living in the most western region of Germany. :slight_smile:


oh well, being Bavarian I guess justifies waiting another two days :joy:


Finally got mine :slight_smile:


How much sponsorship for your marathon, for you to wear that all the way round?
@aerobrain #lasergoatsdomarathons