FTP Plan - 2 sessions 1 day?

Simple question, I have 2 sessions in calendar for 1 day (defender & Goat) do I just choose 1 ??

Do both, one after another in one go.
I had the same on my ftp plan, too.
There is a note in goat, “after defender” if I recall it correctly.


Yup. Enjoy!


Ouch :grimacing:


That’s on my calendar for Sunday (self reschedule from Saturday)

Ouch indeed!

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That was disgusting, defender was tough enough especially 3rd set at 100rpm.

But then to grind at 50rpm for 45mins after :face_vomiting:

Couldn’t do it all seated my knees were fecked :woozy_face:


I had exactly the same experience as you when i did this a month ago. Put me right off G.O.A.T. even though lots of people love it! Defender not exactly my favourite either.

Rest well - at least it’s done now!

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I can see the benefit for strength building but my knees did not like it, perhaps that was because of the fatigue of doing ‘defender’ first.

I can safely say GOAT is not going on my favorites list! :grin:

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Yes, i think the idea is to build muscle endurance on fatigued legs.

I attempted this beautiful combo this morning. Waking up an hour and a half earlier than usual to fit it in and trying to do it with no fuel is my excuse for the laser goats shooting me down.

I struggled with defender and had to lower the intensity a little bit ( I only did full frontal last week so it had me right on my limits)

Then comes the goat and its just not possible for me. Those lowe cadences are a killer so I had to alternate between a slightly higher cadence, winding back the intensity a few % and standing

The laser goats had me for breakfast!!