Gain 30w

Hi all,
Cycling has helped me loose weight and get back into shape.
So I am currently at 215w ftp and it’s been stable for last 6 months.
Having a spring 2022 challenge ahead my intention is to gain 30w and reach a goal of 245w.
This year I’ve clocked 7000km, ride 3 times a week, don’t do any racing. Rides give me an average 180/190w at a pace I can hold for 3/4 hours.
Any recommendations on plan I could follow recommended plan be?
Many thanks

I would suggest to find an ‘event prep’ plan that suits the event you’re targeting.

Whether your FTP increases depends on a load of factors, but by specifically targeting the event, you’re chances of succes are highest.

What sort of event is it?

The event is the ventoux challenge here in France.
120km@3500m rise, finish is ventoux via Bedouin…

@Otium I would think MAP/FTP heavy training plans with additional strength training on the side. And of course, if you’re talking power, you can look at power/weight ratio, meaning how light can you safely and healthily get while holding or improving your 4DP numbers?

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Thanks I look forward those ones, I am new here and with SYSTM.
I am set to loose another 3kgs and that’s it, that will be 30kgs less….:stuck_out_tongue: yes I’ve seen my ftp shoot up!

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Hey @Otium ,
Since you’re new to SYSTM, I’d recommend an all purpose plan to start with and see how you progress over 12 weeks. You can the insert some block plans after that before commencing your plan for the Ventoux Challenge the last week of April using the Mountainous Fondo plan. Hope that helps.


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@Otium Ah, early gains are the best gains… :wink:

30kg - wow. Congratulations on all your successes to date!