Garmin ant+ USB stick driver issues?

Just wondering if anybody else has had an issue with their garmin ant+ dongle no longer working due to outdated drivers (windows 10) that seem impossible to update?

No drama for me I’m using the Bluetooth now, but it’s curious how ant+ just died overnight. Obviously something in the background has updated!!

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Oh nooo, I ride using this but haven’t for a few weeks. Will definitely check this out today

There’s a help article here for you: Installing ANT+ drivers – Wahoo Fitness Support


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Don’t want to sound like a gushing fan, but this is why I’ve loved the Sufferfest (suf) community ever since breaking my collarbone and downloading some videos 10 years ago!!

Thank you Theresa, that worked a treat and solved the problem in 20 seconds!!!

Happy suffering everyone!!!


If you search long and hard there’s a file out there that contain drivers that’ll work with Windows 10. You will need to put your PC/laptop into Test Mode because of something to do with signatures.

Just run the cmd as Administrator and run the following command ;

bcdedit -set TESTSIGNING OFF

Save any work and restart your computer. In the bottom right of your desktop you should see the Test Mode watermark. You can now install the required drivers (if you’ve located them).

This all took me a few hours to work out as this was my first foray into connecting an Elite Qubo power trainer.