Wahoo Tickr HR v2

Is there an option to connect to SYSTM app (windows10) via Ant+ instead of auto-connecting by Bluetooth?

Reason: Wahoo Tickr HR v2 kept disconnecting before reconnecting during mid-effort.

Did anyone experience this and find a solution around it?

If you have a USB ANT+ dongle, yes. ANT+ is not natively supported.

I found my TICKR reliability to have significantly improved when changing to ANT+, so I would recommend the investment.

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But how do we “force-switch” Wahoo Tickr v2 to connect via ANT+?

ANT+ dongle is connecting to Tacx Neo but the thing is Wahoo Tickr v2 is auto-connecting to my Bluetooth instead of ANT+ dongle.

If you get a workout started, then go into Settings (Gear icon) → Devices, then click on the ‘Remove’ button (1 in below image) associated with the TICKR. You can then click on 'Add Devices (2 below), and you should see it appear twice - once as a Bluetooth device, and once as ANT+ (assuming you have the ANT+ dongle connected). Add the ANT+ version of the TICKR and you should be good to go.


I didnt see two tickr option this morning

Will give this a shot and update if it works.

Make sure it shows “ANT+ ON” in the settings view!

Alright… It took me awhile… At first, Wahoo Tickr v2 Ant+ did not appear after I followed the 2 steps.

Reason: I already had a Garmin HR Ant+ under Devices. Once I removed that Garmin HR Ant+ under Devices, Wahoo Tickr v2 Ant+ appeared under “Add Devices”.

Yay! It is working now. :v: :v: :v: :v: :v:


Out of interest, what was wrong with using your Garmin HR that made you want to use the TICKR?

Nothing wrong with Garmin HR. I had it with me for a long time. Lately, its strap is losing its elasticity and is rather loose.