Garmin Dual HRM dropouts - only on Systm

Hello all,
I use the Garmin Dual HR connected to a Macbook Air via Bluetooth, the Macbook also runs the Systm App and connects to my trainer(NeoBike) via bluetooth.
I loose connection to my HRM around every 10 minutes for 10-20 seconds or so doing a Systm/Sufferfest video, a little box appears on my screen telling me about that.
At the same time my trainer still shows the HR on its display and it’s connected via bluetooth as well to the HRM.
Now the weird thing is that this only happens on Systm, I also use Fulgaz and used to use Zwift, no HR dropouts on either on.
I can’t get my head around this since I use the exact same equipment, the only thing changing is the app.
Has anyone seen this as well or any idea what could be the reason for this?

This may sound like I’m not knowledgeable, but I highly suspect some form of interference that is happening every 10 minutes. Are you using Wi-Fi in the 2.4 GHz range? If so, is it possible to shut it down and then try to do a SYSTM workout to see if the dropouts go away? BTLE/ANT+/Wi-Fi are known to cause this. One other source of interference is a microwave oven (Shane Miller, aka GPLlama demonstrated where a Garmin dropped the signal when a microwave oven was popping corn to show that interference is way possible for his HRM but not the Wahoo KICKR).