Garmin not connecting to any of the apps

Hi all I’ve just taken the plunge and purchased a kickr bike no issue connecting to my wahoo app :ok_hand:t2:
However when I try to connect my garmin hr monitor it will not find it , batteries are new connects to my garmin head unit without a problem just doesnt even locate it through any of the apps sufferfest or RGT
Can anyone shed any light or help with this matter as becoming frustrating
Unfortunately I won’t buy another wahoo HRM because the last one only served me good for another 18 months before falling apart

Many thanks in advance


What Garmin HR monitor are you using?

It’s this one never had an issue with it connecting in the past on iPad but now won’t even recognize in any of the wahoo apps

I suspect the signal from the garmin HRM has been grabbed by your phone, head unit or another app. Shut everything down and try again. I’ve only ever used a Garmin HRM and SYSTM, wahoo app and RGT all find it with no issue


Like Dame Lisa suggests, I’d guess something has grabbed the signal and won’t let it go.

What device(s) are you using the apps on? iOS, android, windows, mac?
You mention the Kickr Bike connects to the “wahoo app” but which wahoo app?

I.E. which apps are you using (wahoo fitness, SYSTM, RGT?)? Do you have the app or more than one app open on more than one device?

If your HRM is connecting to your garmin head unit, has it connected via Ant+ or via BTLE? Or can you tell? Cuz if it’s BTLE, then other apps won’t be able to get that signal.


FYI. ANT+ broadcasts data so any number of devices can pick it up. One, two, ten… It is not paired with any single device, unlike BT, which is one-to-one. I have a BT/ANT HRM that if I pair with BT, quits sending ANT+. If I don’t pair it via BT, any number of devices can pick up the ANT+ signal.


Looks like a HRM-Dual. It will transmit BOTH BTLE and ANT+ BUT only ONE device can connect over BT. Like others I highly recommend shutting down any apps that use Bluetooth. Something that YOU might want to try: Open Bluetooth settings and then try to pair to the device. You should be able to do so through the settings panel (you won’t get asked for a PIN). If you can’t, some other device has grabbed the signal and you’ll have to find it and remove the HRM from whatever application that grabbed it. BTW, Garmin devices default to ANT+ for exactly this reason.