Garmin Training Status and Different FTP measurements


I like to use my Garmin to give me a training status while doing different exercises (i.e. Running and Cycling). Each gives a VO2Max indicator which I use generally for a gauge on my current fitness levels. The different training status’ (i.e. productive, maintaining, peaking, resting etc) are based on how hard your workout was against your FTP (I know Garmin FTP is different to FTP on Sufferfest).

The problem I have is, I have done the 4DP and returned an FTP of 240, but my Garmin has me at 255 (which it auto detected during a Sufferfest workout as I run the Garmin also connected to my Smart Trainer).

My question is:

Should I be matching my Garmin FTP to the FTP from my Sufferfest 4DP test?

I guess the Garmin will see me “overachieving” if I put my FTP in lower than it thinks it is. On the other hand, if I leave my Garmin FTP, the sufferfest workouts may appear to be not giving me enough stimulation to get the adaptation i need to improve V02max (don’t let Gunter read that last comment pleeeeeze).

Wondering what others think as I’m sure im not the only one who lives and dies by the V02Max measure.



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Hi @theinsidecyclist for what its worth I believe the FTP numbers from 4DP FF are way more accurate than my Garmin. The Garmin always seems to report higher on FTP. For that reason I do not use my Garmin for these readings and during regular training I do not use the Garmin at all with Sufferfest.

However for the TOS I will use it as a stage backup just in case the minions pull the wrong plug again,. They get rather excited and unstable as the tour progresses.


Hi @theinsidecyclist

I also need to improve my MAP numbers according to my profile.

I trust the 4DP values when I’m on the trainer. For me, they represent ~7% less than what I’ve found I can do outside during repeats up a hill here (5min) and my 40K TT numbers.

Yes, it’s somewhat a pain to keep changing the values in the programs I use to track fitness but I take the couple minutes to do it.

If I were to add that percentage to say, Nine Hammers, then I might only make 6 Hammers before falling off the bike.

As for Garmins fitness reporting “overreaching, detraining” etc. I take that with a huge grain of salt. In fact I don’t even pay attention to it. I do look at their VO2 value but it’s only a “that’s interesting” for me. Yay, it’s 40 today. Doesn’t impact what workouts I need to do or where I want my CTL to be in May.

I would say: No.

I track everything with my garmin (power,hr,ftp) and use sufferfest seperatly (trainer control,4dp etc.)

The garmin universe (watch, etc.) is my main source of information. Also in the first moment the training status looks wierd, but from my experience it matches quite good.
I use garmin mainly because I use the cector pedals outside too and want toi have the same power source.

I also say that the garmin training status matches my own feelings.
Example from the prep plan:
I really feel like fitness and training load goes far down and I’m in a recovery period right now (last picture is from