GCN+ Band of Brothers

For those with GCN+, they recently released “Band of Brothers - The 7-Eleven Story”. Hosted and narrated by Alex Stieda. WHO I JUST LEARNED IS A SUFFERLANDRIAN!!! (@AlexStieda) :astonished:


As a young American cyclist growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, these (along w Lemond) were my absolute heroes, and are all (or should be) legends of :us: :canada: cycling.

And bonus cameos for our very own ToS hero @DPhin!

All. The. Feels. :face_holding_back_tears:


Thank you for the kind thoughts @CPT_A Ian S.! We had a blast filming this and left a lot of the stories on the cutting room floor. So much room for a sequel!! If you guys can, please send your comments to GCN:

And yes, I’ve been a Sufferlandrian for many years now - 2 time finisher of ToS!

Suffer on my friends!

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STOP IT. @AlexStieda?!?


I am deceased.

(Also, FTR, I :heart: you reviewing your team Merckx ride with GCN @ Whistler in 2019 - I got to see your team bikes @ Coors in '86. Man I wanted one of those when I started racing! Seriously thinking of kitting out a replica as a retirement :gift: to myself).

Very best regards and thanks for the memories!