Gear set up in level mode

I have tried several times in level 0 to do sessions.
The wattage is very erratic.
I have it in the small ring on the front and middle of the rear block but wattage still fluctuates.
Is there any recommended gearing or sessions I can do to help me prepare for my 4dp.

Is the wattage erratic because your cadence is erratic?

If you are in level mode you need to change gears to meet power targets - being in the small ring and middle cassette doesn’t really make sense in level mode.

What happens if you put it in Level 1?

Getting Away With It is a good session, I think. Or Primers.

Otherwise any Open video will just allow you to play around with your gearing until you find a Level that suits you best.

As a guide, I like to choose a level where small chainring and 2nd cassette from bottom gear gives me my recovery power at about 90 rpm. I can reach all required powers in my profile by shifting up the gears from there and there’s one easier gear for me to shift down to on the occasion that I need to be under my standard recovery power.


Hi Thanks.
I had issues with cadence so used a wahoo cadence sensor.
I stopped using the sensor when I contacted support and told them about my issues.
The cadence issues don’t correspond with the erratic power.
I always use Big ring in erg.
I haven’t tried level 1 but I will give it ago…

Keep in mind that power in level mode is inherently jumpier than in erg mode. Perhaps if you had a perfect pedal stroke it would be close, but few of us do. If you turn Power Smoothing on in Settings (it might be already), that might help the display bounce less, but bounce it will. With Power Smoothing off, it even bounces in ERG.

Also, keep in mind that when you change cadence or shift, power will jump up a lot (if you increase cadence) before coming back down to something more stable. That’s because causing the flywheel to accelerate generates more power than just keeping it spinning steadily. That’s as it should be, not a problem.

That’s also why even very small changes in cadence, even all but indetectable and less than an integer change in RPM, cause power to jump around in level mode.

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Thanks.I definitely don’t have a smooth stroke.
Cant remember if I turned power smoothing off or not but will check shortly…

Does sound like you have a wahoo trainer with power smoothing on.

On an ERG ride, do you get perfect straight-line matches between the power expected and your output on the final chart?

They should be spiky unless the trainer itself has power smoothing on before it sends the data into Systm.

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Yip kicker core.
Power smoothing usually on and it is relatively smooth.
Just ran a simple session in level mode, ended up in small ring 3rd from smallest gear most teeth,level 5 to get as close as possible to power out put but could never get it correct ,sometimes up to 10 watts out.

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When you switch to level mode, the kickr will switch smoothing off, so you will see it seeming to spike alot, but that’s just normal if you switch it off completely.

The other factor of using level 0 you may spin the fly to fast.
Use level 2 to ensure there’s always some resistance. small ring, mid block, should be fine as a start for warm up. Then change gears as you go into intervals.