Troubles with Level Mode on 4DP Tests

I’ve been using my Wahoo KICKR and the RGT/SYSTM software to train over this past winter and prepare for an upcoming cycling trip this spring. RGT has been fun, and I’ve figured out the ERG mode for training profiles. However, I find meeting the Watts and Cadence goals using Level Mode for the FTP tests extremely difficult, to the point of frustration.

I find it very difficult to match the cadence and wattage targets together. I try to focus on the watts and keep a consistent cadence, but I find the metering on both seems to jump up and down wildly. I understand I’m to use my gearing in this mode to control resistance but there doesn’t seem to be much of a reference to doing this anywhere that I can find.

Sounds like some folks take a while to get used to this mode and figure it out but I’m amazed that something as essential as an FTP test needs so much work to prepare to use the equipments properly, and that there so much research involved in understanding it! I guess I expect that I should be able to try out the Half Monty or Full Monty tests out of the box and have them work relatively easily (fitness results not withstanding), not spend weeks of practice to take a test to help me figure out my performance. When I’ve completed the test the results, I don’t find them hard at all (contrary to all the accounts of hellish efforts). I feel like I’m wasting my time every time to try to take the test again and think that moving to another platform (Zwift) may be needed.

Am I missing something obvious? Do I have a faulty KICKR (seems to work in other modes?)? I’d appreciate any help folks can offer.

What I do is find a gear and Level that gives me my approximate preferred cadence at the specified power, then hold cadence steady. If the power is a bit low, I slightly increase my cadence and hold it, and vice versa. It’s important to hold it steady and monitor the result then make a small change rather than chase it up and down. Once I got the hang of that, it was pretty easy (not the fitness part).

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