What's your favorite new session in SYSTM?

Now that you know all the Sufferfest sessions you know and love (to hate) are still in SYSTM, have you had a chance to try any of the new stuff? If so, what’s your favorite session so far?

Here are mine in case you need a recommendation to try something:

  • On Location: Les Baronnies (attacking Mike Cotty at the end is the best thing ever)
  • Pro Rides: Giro d’Italia Donne 1 (just such an awesome ride by Klara Koppenberg and the racing is amazing)
  • Inspiration: Afghan Cycles (heartbreaking and inspirational - such courage!)
  • ** A Week With**: Neal Henderson - Rabbit Mountain (just an awesome workout)


All of them! Simply amazing!

Now I know how much faster/stronger I need to get to become pro!


I loved the AWWIB and the ones I did with NH. Didn’t do all of them because of outdoor riding season. Will be back at it soon. Can’t wait to do more OL and PR as well.


Tapers. Because it’s the only new The Sufferfest session so choice of one :wink:. Not minding some of the other new stuff though :grinning:


Stars and Water Carriers - if just for the “water carrier” heading back to get “cool water, soft drinks and beer” for his teammates!

Solidream is pretty awesome too - even Lachie Morton could learn some adventure tips from them!

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Glad this thread has started. :grin:

I just did my first new one: Dentelles de Montmirail, one of the ‘on location’ videos, and thought it was absolutely fantastic.

Really looking forward to doing some more of these. It was a brilliant way to start the day. Totally transported me away to the Pyrenees.

Mike Cotty is brilliant in all the videos I’ve seen featuring him. Really pleased to see he’s got more content now.


Pro rides, all of them!


Haven’t tried any of the new stuff as it is still outdoor season here. Curious how people like the new on location stuff without music? I’ve always really liked the Sufferfest ones with mike, the combination of talking and tunes. Seems like just talking would get old.

@David.McQuillen.KoS So far these have been great:

Pro Rides: Strade Bianchi was awesome!
On Location: Cirque du Litor - what a great climb!
A Week With Ian: Great extended yoga session!
Inspiration: Fursa - great film during a short recovery ride!

I am also looking forward to checking out the new Tapers during my Full Frontal prep next week.


You definitely should! It is absolutely great! I decided I have to do Full Frontal this weekend as an excuse to do it (and the fact it is more than 6 months since my last FF :grimacing:).

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ProRides, I want more of these :star_struck:

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Currently doing FF prep week so the new Tapers workout. Liked it a lot.

Not doing prep week unfortunately, so I improvised myself a custom short prep plan.

Tapers yesterday, Recharger today, Primers tomorrow, and ka-boom :boom: Full Frontal on Saturday.

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Hopefully you don’t actually go :boom: during Full Frontal. :see_no_evil:

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Hahaha! Very good point!

Did not feel good at all last week, now I am doing Recharger and feel like I am flying. Leaves some hope for a decent FF, with numbers coming up.

I always seem to feel great during Recharger, but horrible right before I start FF. :man_shrugging:

Good luck! :crossed_swords:

Yeah, always a risk :wink:
Hard not to feel good doing Recharger. Basically, my HR was abnormally high during exercises last week (vaccine aftereffects I suspect, might be insufficient amount of sleep too) but seems back to normal now.

In any case I get a calibration and get ready for a new plan

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By the way, it will be my first FF with my new wall decoration which definitely will be very motivating!


I’m waiting for Mike Cotty to do an On Location for The Tourmalet saying it’s a nice easy ride to the top, come on keep up, easy yeh right :rofl::rofl::rofl::mountain_snow::mountain_snow::mountain_snow:


Not exactly a session, but the podcasts are awesome. I’ve listened to a couple more than once.

Tapers is brilliant.

I’m itching to try the Pro Rides and On Location. Damn end of season break! heads off to listen to The Value Of Not Training…. again!** :joy: