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I am new here today and plan to start my training sessions as from tomorrow. A bit of history: Didn’t start cycling until 44 years of age after a divorce. Mega unfit at the start but got into it over the next two years and got reasonably fit. Re-discovered women and stopped cycling apart from a mile or two back and forth to work each day which I did for 20 odd years as I couldn’t afford to run a car. I did do Lands end to John o Groats back on a mountain bike in 1997 as a holiday but that was it. Got sick of cycling to work each day, rain,sun,wind,snow etc and bought a car 4 years ago and the cycling went out of the window. A year ago I decided to try to get some fitness back again, built a couple of bikes and started training on a dumb wheel on trainer. Being Billy no-mates everything was done on my own and I never really went outside to ride. I have trained for about a year using my own plans but most have concentrated on endurance level 2 stuff with maybe some Hiit once a week. I am 68 years old now and have recently joined a local cycling club and go on their club rides on Sundays. I can now go on their red rides (average 18mph over about 50 miles) hard but I keep up. I have now just bought a smart trainer and I am looking forward to improving my fitness further so have joined the SYSTM program for some proper structured training.


Welcome to the club (and forum) @ozmadman! Sounds like you’ll fit right in here.


Welcome @ozmadman. Good chance you’ll love Systm and this community. Full of support so don’t hesitate to ask questions if you need to.


As a way of encouragement, there are people here who are older than you are. :slight_smile:

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And LOTS of us were “mega unfit”…


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