Get ready for your best season yet with the Transition training plans

Back when jerseys were wool and shifters were on the downtube, winter was traditionally the time for base miles: hours and hours of low-intensity riding that was supposed to build a foundation for higher intensity training later on.

But unless you have 20+ hours a week to ride, the most effective way to get faster is by incorporating some high-intensity work into your winter training.

Whether you’re coming off a grueling outdoor season or just getting back on the bike after a long hiatus, we have a plan to get you primed for the indoor training season. Introducing the SUF Transition Plans.

Developed by the elite coaches at the Wahoo Sports Science Team, the 6-week Transition training plans for cycling and multisport integrate yoga sessions designed specifically to improve on-bike performance, full-body strength and mobility sessions, and targeted cycling workouts to help you recover, reset, refocus and recharge in preparation for the next phase of your training.

We know that with most races and mass-start events canceled this past year, the outdoor season has been less than normal for many of you. That’s why our coaches designed two versions of the Transition plans: Transition Up and Transition Down. Whichever plan you choose, the end result is the same: getting you ready to crush the indoor season.

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Sweet! Big thanks for all the new goodies that are being dropped.

Ah now, what if one ‘did’ have 20hrs … what would the plan look like … would love to get coach views on that.

Good stuff on the new plans - great to see new options arriving by the day right now :slight_smile:


Thank you

I just completed the fitness kickstarter. My plan was to do the all around road plan.

My 4dp results came back as a sprinter. Will I get enough base from the all around road plan with strength or should I do the transition plan ?

My weakness is long efforts.

Looking ahead on the Ramp Up plan… there is a workout called Recharger toward the end of the plan.

Is this a Work In Progress from the SUF mines?

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Thank you thank you thank you thank you. Now I don’t have to cobble together a random plan, and/or crush my soul trying to work back into it.

Good spot! Looks like an alternative to a recovery ride.

If you’ve been logging weeks or months worth of 20-30 hour intense training & race weeks (like Rohan and the rest of the fella’s at the Giro d’Italia just finished) then we often recommend a couple to a few weeks of full on R & R, with just a little bit of activity before transitioning back into structured training.


This is what I was waiting for. A solid recovery plan after a year overcooking myself. That was a hell of a “crash and burn” experience. Now I’m well rested after doing Base Blocks and Tempo Blocks. So planing ahead with two All-Purpose Road plans back to back and then reset and recover with the Transition Down plan.

Because I’m really used to Strength Intermediate Level 5 and 6 in my 12 week plan I don’t want to create a big gap by throwing myself back to Strength Beginner Level 1 and 2. This is something like a puzzle to me. How can I solve this?

You can even join the GCN team of Ollie and Manon as they each take on the Transition plan!


Hello. Newbie here :slight_smile:
Just started the Transition Up plan after seeing the GCN video, on an old non smart trainer (JetFluid Pro), and completed the Half Monty.

Will there be a specific discussion thread to nudge us along while we do this?

I haven’t ridden all summer because of over population on the roads and trails near me (tourist area packed during summer and fall), so this is my getting into shape before skiing season begins plan…

Welcome to SUF, Michelito. We do have the coaches who created the Transition plans available here in the forum to answer your questions, including @Coach.Jeff.H (strength and conditioning), @Coach.Neal.H (all things), and our yoga partner, @abicarver. There is also a section of the forum specifically for yoga if you have questions pertaining to the bendy stuff. We don’t have a Transition plan category currently but could add one if you think it would be useful. Otherwise, you can post general training questions in the Training category.

Hope you enjoy your time in SUF!


@Coach.Neal.H, @Coach.Jeff.H could you please look into this?

Hi @Zhadox,

If you are beginning a transition plan -either up or down- but have had the consistency of strength training for the last several months (as it sounds like you have) you do not have to drop to all the way down and start over. I recommend that you really back things down in the first two weeks and just do the yoga and strength recovery sessions (or level 1) then begin to ramp back up at week 3. The transition plans are meant to give you a reset and get you ready for more loads, and taking a couple of weeks really light will not hurt you. In fact it will go a long way to giving your body time to recharge. Keeping the movement patterns and reducing the load for a couple of weeks will keep your muscles and nervous system functioning well, while allowing you to take full advantage the benefits that are purposefully built into the plans. After a couple of very gentle movement weeks you start back at the mid level strength (ie. level 3-4) and ramp back up.

I hope this is helpful to you.
Kind regards,
Coach Jeff

Thank you for helping me out, @Coach.Jeff.H

I’m suffering for almost 2 years now and because, last August, I blew myself up after a grueling 12 week trainingplan with a MAP weakness, I’m searching for a balance. That was after almost 12 months of training without rest in between the trainingplans. From January 2019 I worked myself up thrue the SUF Strength training all the way to Strength Intermediate Level 6.

In January 2020 I made myself a new Strength trainingplan. Week 1, 2 and 4 Intermediate Level 5. Week 5, 7, 8 and 10 Intermediate Level 6. On week 11 I dail things down with Intermediate Level 1 before test week. This feels sort of “spot-on”…

Totally agree with this. Are you recommending to plan Strength training Intermediate Level 1 on Tuesday and Friday in week 1 and 2?

So on week 3 and 4 Strength Intermediate Level 3? And on week 5 and 6 Strength Intermediate Level 4?

Hi Couch Jeff,

Would the Transition plan be a good starting plan for a cyclist new to Sufferfest ?
What are differences between ramp-up and ramp-down? Any advice for which to choose?
I’m definitely interested in the strength and yoga parts of the plan.
Been training (and riding) consistently all year, but not “smashing it”.

Hi Couch Jeff,

I’m starting with Sufferfest tomorrow! with the Transition Up plan - haven’t done much this year so starting at the beginning. However, by next April I’d like to be back to ~some level of fitness.

Transition plan doesn’t appear to do enough hours to be able to start the Gravel 100 or Gran Fondo plans. So guess the best thing is to add 2hr base ride to the transition plan.

I’d also like to substitute a couple of session for 20-30mins runs.

Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @DaveM & @CMaxwell
These transition plans are a perfect way to start for anyone new to Sufferlandria and getting back in the game after an “off or unstructured” period. In either case I recommend the transition UP route. This is probably the smoothest “re” - entry back into structured training and regular suffering. Just the right amount to get you in the mood to want more. And yes, these should leave you wanting more… and when you are done you’ll be be ready to ramp up to SMASH in the spring.

@DaveM-getting a few runs in is great, especially if you have been running, however if its been a while, I recommend that you ramp that back up gently as well. Or check out the Transition UP Mult-sport option.
Happy Training,

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Hi Coach Jeff H.

Thanks for the info. I’m on it…

Take care