New Training Plans?

Hello Coaches!

Are there any new training plans in the offing? Thinking along the lines of “winter base training” or “active offseason” now we’re heading that way (in the northern hemisphere at least!!).

Currently thinking of jumping back into Zwift who offer that, but can’t bear to leave Sufferlandria!!



Unlikely to find a “base training” plan from the Sufferfest, as that doesn’t really map to their ideology.

However, I’d recommend the Transition Ramp down plan as you move indoors and then follow that with one of the All-in plans, where you can tailor it to how many rides per week you like and even include strength training with it.

That should take you close to Christmas, when we can start thinking about the Tour of Suf prep plans.

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Hey @Carl_Brooks,
Great question! As @titanicus suggested, the transition down plan is the best option to take you towards winter training and then we also have some base building blocks you can focus on.
We are working on some new plans which should be available soon too which are more focussed on winter base training.


@titanicus Exactly what I was planning to do offseason - along with more of a focus on weights and also adding in one of the special focus plans - probably Volcano climbing again.

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Go into " Training plans" —> “Special focus” ----> “Building blocks”----> Change the level to “Base Blocks”.

This will give you base training block of upto 4 weeks that will be based on our 4DP. In theory if you do this time and time again with a FF in between it will keep changing to suit your type of rider and weakness.

I’m dubious that it will keep changing based on FF. But I’ve always been the same kind of rider…

PS:Just checked again and @Coach.Rupert.H has already said this. But seeing that I have already typed this out I won’t be deleting this comment. haha.


“We are working on some new plans which should be available soon too which are more focussed on winter base training” Hi @Coach.Rupert.H noticed this comment… is this something still in the works?

Hey there, yes it is but I haven’t got any more details on it right now.
Lots of fun new content being released too as I’m sure you’ve seen :slight_smile: