Getting Away With It, what outdoor alternative?

I’ve got this scheduled on my plan for today and the weather is too nice to do an indoor session that is not HIIT. I’ve only ever done this workout once, 2 years ago before I had a smart trainer and looking back it must have been dialed back as a recovery ride because it was all Z1 to low Z2.

What kind of structure would I be looking at for an equivalent outdoor ride (I don’t have a power meter so will be riding to RPE and HR), scrolling through the video it looks like 4x 6-8 minute blocks of Z3-Z4 (75-100% FTP)with 2 minutes rests at Z2 (50% FTP)?

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@JGreengrass It is a climbing video so I would suggest just aim for a few climbs at RPE 3 and back off to RPE 1 between climbs.

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Find a mountain. Do that. Do it again. Repeat.


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Handy that I have this cat 2 on my doorstep, 1 lap will probably be enough :wink:
Craigmoston to Guide’s Well | Strava Ride Segment


That is a brilliant ride! Maybe 1.5 laps and call it good. :thinking:

This is my local grind:

(Un)fortunately just shy of 2km, though.