Give SUF-love to ToS riders

Let’s give a big Sufferlandrian kiss to all ToSers (Tour of Sufferlandria riders) through our Strava clubs.

Everyone making an effort to suffer deserves kudos, so why not click on the activity tabs of the Sufferfest and the SYSTM clubs, look for Tour stages and reward the ToSer with Kudos. We need our fellow countrymen and women to know we are all in this together!

You only get to see the most recent rides so I visit a few times a day. Please join me in ensuring no ToSer gets left behind…. Kudos for all Tour riders!


I gave you some kudos
I may actually wave in person at you one day - we’re not that far apart :wave:

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Both of those are an honour Sir TrapMeSuf. But it’s not about me… I’m hoping a wave of Kudos washes over the whole ToSer community.

You a Wheeler?

I did that too - just went through the KoS group activities and ‘liked’ all the ToS rides.

Not sure what a Wheeler is, so I guess not. I’m a weekend warrior though, if that counts? Mainly ride solo due to time constraints and a severe case of ‘introvertism’

It’s the local club here. I see you’re a bit further away but a lover of Vigo and Toys. Boy, you were fast up those!

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