Team SUF Group Rides on IndieVelo

Joyous news for fellow Sufferlandrians and Knights of Sufferlandria. It has been decreed that Group Rides for Sufferlandrians are to begin shortly. As the previous kingdom of RGT exists no more; Team SUF and Team KoS will now roll together on the roadways of IndieVelo. Avail yourselves of the announcement’s details to prepare to join the merriment.


Interesting. Will more be posted here or is there some other forum this is being organized in?

I’ve certainly found a lack of events in iV well-suited to my riding schedule (weekdays around 6am or after 8pm Eastern US time).

Team SUF group rides will be announced on Sufferlandria Facebook and on this Forum. First steps are to download IndieVelo onto your laptop or desktop computer and register yourself. Then you contact Sir Joe Martin with your IndieVelo user name so he can add you to the correct SUF or KoS team, and he will share with you an exclusive Access Code to the Team SUF events on IndieVelo. Team SUF members circle the globe but so far most are in Europe or North America. For that reason the timing of our first Team SUF group ride will favor those two continents.

Will there be a training plan created so we can practice and perfect the “secret handshake”? Sufferlandrians don’t undertake anything without substantial preparation.


Where do I contact Sir Joe Martin?

@mserge I believe I have you added in, Sir. Kindly Confirm…

Important info about our inaugural Team SUF bike ride. Date and time are dependent on your specific time zone. Unlike the individual Wahoo SYSTM training we customarily do, on this occasion we are riding together in the same ride. You can only see the Event if you have registered yourself in IndieVelo AND Sir Joe Martin has provided you the exclusive Access Code.

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I know I asked @JoeMartin to add me to the team (which he has. Thank you!) I don’t remember an access code.

This ride being at 7am on a Saturday is great!

Hopefully at least a few future rides will also occur between 5am-7am Pacific time Mon-Sat. :slight_smile: 6am would be awesome. :wink:

For the Access Code, you can check The Tenth Hammer Facebook page posts, or Messenger Sir Joe Martin or me and we’ll share it with you.

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Did you find the access code, Sir?

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I did. And joined Saturday’s right. Thank you, sir.

Might have to give this a shot…

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Fourteen Sufferlandrians and Knights enjoyed our first Team SUF group ride on IndieVelo this morning. Good to ride right next to so many Sufferlandrian “friends” for a change. Can’t wait to do this again.


It was good fun and not surprisingly devolved into a “race” pretty quickly for some of us…

Sir Joe, I sent you a message requesting the access but I think I blew it. Could you grant me access and I’ll let you know if it works?

Apologies. I fully intended to join at least one of the Agonia Town Sprint rides. Maybe I’ll do better in the new year.

Sir Joe, am I only in the KOS team, or am I also in the SUF team? If only the KOS can you sign me up for the SUF team as well?

Thanks as always for your dedication to the nation.

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Sir, you are on both the SUF and KOS rosters. You need to choose one as your Active Team before it becomes available as an Avatar Display choice in your Profile. Enjoy. Feel free to post of any indieVelo adventures in THE TENTH HAMMER to help us build interest over there.

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@rrutis Rich, I had put you on both the SUF and KOS rosters in indieVelo, but I did not see any application to THE TENTH HAMMER facebook group.

Joe, That’s a big whoops on me for missing that part. I’m not on Facebook… Do I need to be on the Facebook group to make this work?

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