GJS Edited TOS2021 Suff Poster

PSA: This is my GJS edited version of the TOS2021 Poster. It is in no way authorized by the Minions et al … I just need the flag for inspiration. Sir [
David & Sir Dylan if this is not allowed please delete and I apologize in advance.



I am glad the Tour-Dinosaur-Icon stayed. To my eye it‘s one of the most pleasing designs in, like, forever. :slight_smile:

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Great, hope there will be no objections

There should also be a flag for the ToS, to remember when suffering that suffering is comfort and no discomfort, it paves the road to everlasting glory

Furtermore the sight of bleeding eyes would scare of Couchlandrians…

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I’ve made this “negative” version of the 2021 poster for people who want to home print without burning through an entire black cartridge. Hope this is OK, obviously happy to take it down if there’s a problem or for an admin to just nuke this post!