Going backwards

Hi Guys

Not here to bag on SUF, but trying to get some insight in to what has happened.

Previously I was racing on Zwift at least 5 times per week. Most races were over 0.90 IF and TSS was about 600 to 650 (less every 4th week). I had no problem recovering from these efforts, but I should have probably raced a little less as I was a bit tired (but could still perform).

I decided to come back to SUF with the expectation that more structure could help me gain more power i.e. phased intervals, endurance and recovery by a team of experts. I signed up to the Advanced All Purpose Plan (MAP weakness). My FF is correct as it is a struggle to complete rides (but mostly I do) and I fail really tough rides like nine hammers. I’m now in week 5.

Today I had my first Zwift TTT and boy is my power down (despite setting record HRs). I have gone backwards fast.

Any ideas? Is the volume too low? I feel like I’ve lost fitness on the plan.


Could it be that you’re just not used to holding higher power for that long? It’s a totally different ride than a structured workout.

If you’re wanting to continue zwift races, I’d think about keeping one in your schedule every 1-2 weeks to stay sharp.

Good idea. Hopefully I can build my race fitness back up. I used to be able to hold power well - close to FTP for 2 hours plus. It seems that the interval heavy SUF rides have reduced this ability. I am really hoping that if I stuck to the plan, with a hard race per week, I can get back to where I was and also get stronger. It’s just mentally tough to go backwards, even if it is for the greater good.

Or switch to the esports plan, if swift races are your priority events?

@Jason Great to you have back in Sufferlandria! 5 Online races each week is more than you really need to be doing! You could race 2 times each week but your recovery week must be recovery which means no racing at all. From my perspective I feel as though you were in need of additional recovery. Although your powers may have been higher previously your elevated heart rate currently shows that you are still in need of recovery! If you do not track your morning metrics I recommend you begin to check your morning resting heart rate and track your hours of sleep. As you progress through a training block 2 or 3 weeks, you will see your resting heart rate rise due to the increase in stress placed on the body. During your recovery week your heart rate will plane out and return to your regular resting value!

We typically recommend that you take 1 week off between training plans. In your case I would recommend you have taken 2 weeks off before beginning a SUF Plan. Be sure to fuel your workouts adequately!

Thank you