Racing once a week

My training is usually for triathlon, so long training plans with a target of one specific day.

Now I joined the ZRL and there will be one race a week

But this racing setup is new to me. How would you structure the training?


Hi there - what’s your primary goal is a key thing (from the SUF mental programme).
Is it to get the best possible result every week on Zwift?
Or is it something else longer term like getting stronger for an event that at some point will happen again?

One simple way of dealing with this is to get the SUF team to set you up a custom plan in Training Peaks that would incorporate your weekly race.

If doing it DIY, then I’d keep your main VO2 session away from your race day in the week. So for example, say you’re racing on Thursday night.
If it were me, I’d be VO2’ing on Monday, probably something different (like STR focussed) Tuesday, rest day Wednesday (which means no primers, but you could always do Active Recovery), do you race Thur, rest Fri, and do one of the weekend days doing whatever you currently do.
Or load up any plan, and just ignore what the plan says Wed-Fri (unless it fits) and do the rest … which keep the plan variety aspect.

Good luck in Watopia. Remember and dual record your session in Open: 120 in SUF for posterity …

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Thank you for the answer!
I planned a bit late and racing starts next week, so not sure the custom plan will be on time.
But I can ask :slight_smile:

The league is 8 weeks, probably the last 2 more important than the first 6 being the “playoff”. Racing is on Tuesday evenings.

I guess I could indeed use the eRacing plan and just adapt the monday to be “tapering” tue to be race and Wednesday to be rest or recovery ride.